Instagram introduced a new update in July 2022, you can post all videos under 15 minutes are posted as reels.  This helps to create video more attractive and also accessible on the platform. Nowadays reels are more popular for gaining more engagement on your Instagram profile.

What Are Instagram Reels?

Instagram reels are short videos that help create an immersive experience. While creating Instagram reels, you can use templates, filters, and stickers to create attractive videos for your audiences. Instagram reels are also more suitable for advertisement purposes. They can be seen by more people than traditional advertisements. The comment section is the best option for creators to build an active community for their profiles.

6 Ultimate Ways To Gain Engagement On Your Instagram Reels

1. New Trends
Reels are the best option for staying updated with new trends on Instagram. Reels are growing rapidly and get more engagement than other features. When you use an AR effect or share the latest trends, you can share them with your audiences very quickly. You can also use the remix feature to collaborate with trending videos, and the original creator also gets credits.

2. Use Tools In Instagram

Instagram has user-friendly tools to create engaging content; it is more helpful for influencers to attract more audiences. The platform provides a collection of attractive filters that can help you to get more reach and engagement. This can be more useful for creators to produce aesthetic content to share across all social media. You could also share your reels into your story for 1 million Reels views per Reel.

3. Use Trending Music

While creating Instagram reels, you can add music to your content. Instagram has an existing music library for creators to use it for their videos. Users can also save sounds from other reels for future content. Using relevant and trending music on your video will getviral and acquire more audience responses.

4. Customized Captions

Before posting your content, you need to add captions to your video. If you give proper description on your content, you have more chances to reach more audiences. Adding keywords, hashtags and phrases help users who are all searching your niche related content. You need to add relevant hashtags on your caption to help the Instagram algorithm for categorizing your content. 

5. Frequent Posting

Consistency is key to increasing engagement rate and develop your Instagram presence. In recent studies, experts say the creators need to post atleast 1-7 reels in a week. You can schedule content for a week into your Instagram calendar. The creators can use this feature to create vlogs or post weekly series on their profile.

6. Share Reels On Your Stories

Compared with story reels, stories that disappear in 24 hours are a permanent asset for your profile. If you share your reels of stories, views and engagement will increase faster. This is one of the ways to keep your audiences up to date on your content to get more engagement rate. 

7. Create Content Using Various Durations

Instagram reels are allowed to record 15-90 seconds long. Influencers can create a wide variety of content, like daily vlogs, to their target audiences for maximum interactions. You can also check your engagement rate by experimenting with short and long-form reels. The numerous reel ideas are popular on Instagram. Nowadays, influencers and businesses are highly beneficial with various Instagram reel videos. Instagram reels to attract more audiences and is more advantageous for influencer marketing.


Instagram reels are the most successful feature on Instagram. If you are an influencer, business, or normal user, Instagram reels are a way to easily increase your followers and audiences. You can follow the above tips to get more engagement rate on your reels.