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Why is My Mac Battery Draining Fast?

mac battery drains fast

Do you face issues with “Mac battery draining fast?” If your answer is “Yes,” you have landed in the right place!

The ARM architecture controls Macs’ hardware and software-related information on your device. This feature generates a specific set of rules for hardware’s work on Mac. It also defines how hardware and software interact with each other. A battery is a hardware part that gives the power supply to devices without the power cord. 

Imagine a situation, when you are performing an important task and suddenly your battery drains, what will you do? It affects your entire work and makes you frustrated more. In such cases, the first essential thing is to identify the reasons for the Mac battery draining fast. Continue reading the article to know the possible causes and fixes for “Why is my Mac battery draining so fast?”

7 Main Causes For Mac Fast Draining:

Continuous usage of the Mac may cause your battery’s efficiency and the Mac battery to drain. Here are the main causes for Mac battery draining so fast. 

Let’s see! 

Without any delay, let’s move on to learn the tips for “Why is my Mac battery draining so fast?” If you thought about your Mac battery draining fast, then implement the following methods. 

#1. Restart Mac

Using gadgets for a long period will give you unavoidable problems like a Mac battery draining fast. Many Mac users want to solve this kind of glitch and sort out the problem quickly. So, before moving to other methods let’s try the mentioned steps to settle your Mac battery draining so fast.

Now, it automatically restarts your device and gives a new feel while opening your Mac. 

#2. Check Battery Health

You can check your battery health when you face a Mac battery charge draining fast. Because lithium-ion batteries need a replacement due to long usage. Here are the steps to check your Mac’s battery health:

  1. Normal: This option indicates healthy battery life.
  2. Replace Soon: If this condition is available on your screen, it means the battery has less charge and should get replaced.
  3. Replace Now: Your Mac’s battery should be changed quickly.
  4. Service Battery: To avoid damage to your device, immediately take over your battery, if this option is shown on your screen.

#3. Activate Energy Saver

When the Mac is idle, energy saver settings control its response and keep your Mac from battery draining issues. Enabling the correct energy saver settings will help you to save power and rectify your Mac battery draining fast. You can turn on the energy saver settings by the below-mentioned steps:

For example: Activate “automatic graphic switching” and select “turn off” display after a particular time. Whenever it’s possible, allow your hard disk to sleep on your device. 

All the mentioned tips will save Mac’s power and figure out if your Mac battery draining fast.

#4. Update Your Device Apps

The older version of your apps creates minor glitches if you feel your Mac battery draining fast and consuming more power. So, update the apps on the store and check to resolve your Mac draining so fast. You can update your apps by the steps given below:

For updating non-Mac apps, move the menu bar and detect “Check for updates” in the apple menu or help menu section on your screen.

If you notice that your latest version consumes more battery than the older one, then download the older version. You can use it until the particular app releases new updates for better operation. In this method, you can save the battery from the Mac battery draining so fast. 

# 5. Close Apps in the Background

Certain apps will run in the background without your knowledge after switching between the applications. The background running apps could be the cause of why is my battery draining so fast on your device. Close the background apps in the following ways:

The above-mentioned steps may look simple, but it consumes more power and it causes Mac battery draining issues. 

#6. Change Settings

Default settings might be the reason for the battery draining fast on your Mac. Adjusting a few settings like screen brightness and turning off Bluetooth and wifi when not in use is recommended. Changing those settings improves your battery life and enables smooth performance.

Screen Brightness:

Screen brightness directly affects your device and it is one of the main reasons for Mac batteries draining fast. You know that Mac’s battery life is extended by keeping your screen brightness at a low or medium level. Reduce your screen brightness in the below-mentioned ways:

Apart from the above-mentioned steps, simply press the F1 and F2 keys. These keys will reduce your screen’s brightness according to your needs.

If you have the MacBook Pro with a touch bar, follow the below steps:

Bluetooth And Wifi:

Bluetooth and wifi affect Mac’s battery and initiate the Mac battery draining so fast. Sometimes, enabling this feature on your device will drain your battery. In such situations, deactivate your Bluetooth and wifi to save power.  

#7. Disable Keyboard Light

The keyboard backlight is an added advantage when you use your Mac in dark mode. When you are working in light surroundings (morning or using the tube light) turn off the keyboard’s backlight to fix your Mac charging battery draining ultra-fastly. 

Here are the major steps for deactivating the keyboard’s light: 

#8. Reset SMC

System Management Controller(SMC) is a chip on an Intel-based Macbook that manages the physical components like cooling fans, batteries, sensors, and other features on a Mac. So, if you are facing issues with the Mac battery draining so fast, try resetting your SMC on your device.

#9. Update macOS

Using the oldest OS on your Mac reduces Mac’s performance and the battery draining issues. You can keep your Mac away from those problems by updating it at the right time. Updating your new OS which helps to enhance the battery life and reducing minor bugs. Hence, update your operating system to improve your Mac battery draining.


When you have tons of work, trying to figure out the reason for the Mac battery draining so fast is the biggest task. This blog gives you the possible reasons and fixes for “Why is my Mac battery draining so fast?” You can try the above-mentioned tips to solve your battery draining on your Mac. If those tricks don’t fix your problem, contact your nearest Apple store and explain the reasons deeply to them. They will surely give you the exact solution!

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