Arrow Keys Not Working On Windows 10

Why Are My Arrow Keys Not Working on Windows 10?

If your arrow keys not working on Windows 10, there are handy tricks to make it work out. Without the keyboard, we can’t be able to work on the PC/laptop/device. Sometimes, the arrow keys don’t work on Windows 10 for a few reasons. 

After a long investigation, we give 8 simple tips about how to fix the arrow keys not working on Windows 10

Personal Note: “Prevention is better than cure.” So, when you implement any ideas or tricks, you have to back up all your information via drive or clouds. There is less chance of missing data or files if pressing any keys. 

Let’s dive! 

#1: Changing to Another USB Port

Changing to Another USB Port : Arrow Keys Not Working On Windows 10

It is the initial step when you fix the arrow keys on Windows 10. Keep in mind that it is also the most important step. 

What to do now? 

  • Initially, you need to unplug the keyboard from your PC or Laptop
  • Then, connect it again by using the same cable
  • Check it and if the keyboard works
  • Still the keyword is not working, change your USB port which is available on your PC/laptop

If it works, then the problem is that particular USB port on your device

If this method is not helping you, move to the next step and find the arrow keys not working on Windows 10. 

#2: Check Your Keyboard

Check Your Keyboard : Arrow Keys Not Working On Windows 10

When your keyboard arrow keys not working on Windows 10, it is a Keyboard malfunction. Don’t consider if your keyboard is old or new, wired or wireless. You should check the below things to solve the keyboard error. Sometimes the hardware issue might be why the arrow keys not working. Follow the below tips to easily troubleshoot the keyboard issues. 

  • Try to connect your keyboard to other computers and check whether it’s working when you have the old keyboard.
  • Clean your keyword frequently since the dust particles are placed in the key centers. It doesn’t matter whether the keyboard is an internet or external attachment. But you should clean your keyword properly.
  • If you have a wired keyboard, you should check all the ports and plug connections on your system. There is a greater chance that ports are not working occasionally. In that case, you should check the keyboard by connecting various systems.
  • If you have a wireless keyboard, check all the function keys are working because the problem occurs on the low batteries. If your keyboard has a rechargeable version, you can try charging it and recheck it. 

Once you have implemented the above tips will help to recover the keyboard problem. Still, if you face the same issue, move to the next step, which helps fix the arrow keys not working on windows 10. 

#3: Focus on the Keyboard Driver

Focus on the Keyboard Driver Arrow Keys Not Working On Windows 10

Are you using a weird keyboard? Cool! These tips are not for you because the weird keyboard doesn’t have a driver. If you use the wireless keyboard, you need to download the driver and install it instead of using the hardware. 

Here are the tips to un-installed the existing driver on your device:

  • Click Win+X to view the WinX menu
  • Choose Device Manager from your menu icon
  • Expand the section mentioned on “Keyboards.”
  • Then, right-click on the keyboard driver and press the Uninstall option
  • Tap the “Yes” button

Here are the tips for installing the keyboard driver:

  • Go to the official website -> check the latest driver -> download -> install it.
  • Or else, insert the CD to re-install the same keyboard driver. 

#4: Use Keyboard Troubleshooting Method

When your arrow keys not working on Windows 10, you may try a troubleshooting method to sort the problem easily. 

Important Note: You don’t need to install or download any software or drivers on windows 11 because it has an in-built troubleshooter for this cause. 

If you have windows 10, checking the solution for keyboard troubleshooting issues follow the steps below

  • Click Win+I to open Windows settings
  • From this option, you can view the list. On this list, choose -> Select Update and Security
  • Choose “Troubleshoot” from the left panel
  • Hit -> Additional troubleshooters
  • Locate and run Keyboard Troubleshooter

Once the scan is completed, you have presented a list of findings. Click on the detailed information to get more details. Moreover, the keyboard troubleshooter starts by checking if all settings are OK on the keyboard & set to the default value. 

#5: Checking Scroll Lock Option

 Checking Scroll Lock Option : Arrow Keys Not Working On Windows 10

When you use arrow keys on windows 10, it doesn’t work on excel, and you need to disable the scroll lock option. 

This button helps you stop scrolling when you click the arrow keys in Excel, similar to the other programs. Therefore, you can disable the scroll lock option on your keyboard and check if the issue is resolved. 

#6: Damaged or Stuck Keys

Stuck keys might be why arrow keys not working on Windows 10. The word “stuck” means the key is entirely unclickable and stuck without noticing it. 

What Happened Inside the Keyboard? 

While pressing any key on the keyboard, the particular switch travels a certain distance and notifies the input unit. If you’re a heavy or fast typer, the keys may stuck before reaching the actual point. 

Once you have started thinking that your keys are not working, you should check whether the keys are sending inputs or not.

If you are using Windows, start the On-Screen Keyboard utility or look on the online keyboard tester.

While the tester window is the focus, press any arrow keys. If your arrow keys are working, the keys should light up or change color on the screen when you do.

In some cases, if you are not getting any feedback on the keys, gently remove the cap by using a keycap puller. Now, let’s try by directly pushing the key for sometimes you usually use.

#7: Push Number Lock

Using the num lock feature, it is possible to switch between the numeric keypad and the arrow, home, page up, page down, and end keys. If you want to activate or deactivate the num lock feature, press the Num lock key on the keyboard.

When you have trouble typing, you may easily find the num lock setting is on. The results of the key press on the screen while the num lock setting is active.

Disabling the num lock function by pressing the num lock key on the keyboard to get the arrow keys to work. Meanwhile, your keyboard has no Num Lock key option, you can use the On-Screen Keyboard feature on your Windows to toggle the Num Lock function instead.


Keyboards are one of the primary input devices to convey information from human to machine language. So, if your arrow keys not working on windows 10, you may get frustrated and spoil your entire work. Less tension, more work! This article gives 7 easy steps to activate your arrow keys on Windows 10. 

Let’s try all the tips and share how it works. None of the steps are not working out for your device. Go to the brand service center or change the new keyboard to make you feel fresh.