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Discord Notifications Not Working Android: 20 Effective Fixes  

You might have come across the usage of the Discord app if you’re a gamer. This fantastic app provides services like chatting, sharing files, and showing live updates on what’s new in the gaming world. When discord notifications are not working, you would be hot under the collar. In such situations, this article gives a helping hand to solve the Discord notifications not working Android.  

Usually, the Discord app pops up with notifications to make you aware of your progress on the app. It is time-consuming if you enter the app to view chats and updates every time. Discord notifications make it easy for you; through this app, you can access the status of chats & messages. The following are the specific causes for discord notifications not working Android

Discord Notifications Not Working: Why?

It is quite difficult to conclude what causes Discord notifications not working, as there are several. But, looking into the possible causes could filter the reasons for discord notifications dysfunction. Some of them might be due to bad settings, disabled DND, server errors, etc., and are all involved in Discord mobile notifications not working. Let’s see the remaining content in this article that addresses the effective fixes for your discord notification errors.

Discord Notifications Not Working Android: How To Fix?

The discord app on Android phones pushes notifications that mess up gaming activities. This application doesn’t let you add games; but you can just turn on/off the game you’ve recently played. This article heads to the best fixes for Discord notifications not working. Let’s see!

Trick 1: Enable Discord Notifications On Android Settings

Enable Discord Notifications On Android Settings

Try this technique on your Discord app to settle the Discord Notifications not working. In this method, you have to use custom settings for the Discord app on your Android. Additionally, we can explain how to do this trick with the below points

  • Open Android Settings
  • Go to Apps
  • Select the Discord app
  • Then, click Notifications
  • Tap the toggle bar next to “Show Notifications” (on the top)

Make sure that all options under “Notifications” are enabled. For example, enable the discord features such as calls, chats, direct messages, etc., on your Android phone. Once you enable the notifications for all features on the Discord app, launch the app & check whether Discord notifications not working is fixed.

Trick 2: Turn On Notifications Within the Discord app

 Turn On Notifications Within the Discord app

You need to enable the Discord notifications within the app for this technique which shows In-app notifications & System notifications in the Discord settings. Use the steps given below to rectify the Discord notifications not working

  • On Android, go to the Discord app
  • Click on your profile image
  • The Menu bar opens up
  • You can see Notifications below & press to open
  • Enable both the System Notifications & In-app Notifications

Trick 3: Unmuted Persons & Groups

Unmuted Persons & Groups

If you’ve muted someone in your Discord App accidentally, then you will not receive their notifications. Unless you unmute them, the Discord app restricts those notifications from the list of muted people or groups. Below are the effective steps to unmute someone on the Discord App:

  • Open the Discord app on Android phone
  • Go to chats
  • Select the person or a group
  • Tap on the name (top in the chat screen)
  • Check whether the notification is not disabled
  • Tap on the toggle bar to unmute notifications(in case of any disabled options)

Trick 4: Clear Other Logins

Clear Other Logins

If any devices used for logging in Discord app other than Android, it might cause Discord notifications not to work. Try to log out from devices having a previous login history with the Discord app. Follow the actions below to Log out from the Discord app on other devices

  • Open the Discord app on such devices
  • Tap on the profile picture
  • This opens the navigation options
  • Click Log out 

Trick 5: Modify Server Notifications

 Modify Server Notifications

Sometimes, the server notifications muffled on your Discord app might lead to the blockage of app notifications. This trick might help sort out the Discord server notifications not working Android. Here are the step-by-step points on how to toggle the server notifications on the Android Discord app. 

  • Go to the Discord app(Android)
  • Open the Server Notification Settings
  • Check if it is in unmute 
  • In the settings, switch to All Notifications

Recheck if you have set up the recommended settings on your Discord. Now, open the app and go to the notifications tab to check whether it receives any notifications on your Discord app.  

Trick 6: Turn OFF DND(Do Not Disturb)

 Turn OFF DND(Do Not Disturb)

Rarely, switching on to the Do Not Disturb mode of your Android phone also might cause the Discord notifications not working. If you are unaware, this mode will prevent other notifications from the Discord app. Ensure that the Do Not Disturb mode is disabled on your phone and check whether the issue is fixed. To check the status of Do Not Disturb mode, follow the steps mentioned here

  • Open Android Settings
  • Select Sound tab
  • Find and disable the “Do Not Disturb” mode

When you’ve disabled the DND(Do Not Disturb) mode, reopen the Discord app to see whether the Discord notifications not working are fixed. Since the problem with the app is not resolved, then head to the following methods to overcome this issue.  

Trick 7: Allow app Permissions

 Allow app Permissions

Generally apps on your smartphone ask for necessary device permissions, so grant all permission to the Discord app over your Android phone. Doing this method on your Android could fix the mobile Discord notifications not working issue solemnly. See the simple guide for this technique as given below:

  • Go to Settings; then to the Applications
  • Search for the Discord app and click on it
  • Select all the required permissions in the app settings

Trick 8: Log In Again

Log In Again

You need to log out & log in again on the app to fix Discord notifications not working. This trick would resolve the issue of notifications not receiving on the app. Below are the quick steps to do this method on your Discord app:

  • Open the Android Discord app
  • Go to Navigation settings
  • You can find the logout option on the bottom and click on it
  • Hold on for a minute to open the app again
  • Enter the credentials and click login


When you’ve logged out from the Discord app, try to uninstall the app & download it again. This might clear out any bugs & errors on your current app.

Trick 9: Delete All Cache

Clear all the cache files of the Discord app, which could be an effective move in fixing Discord notifications not working. Cache files might lower the app’s performance and block notifications from it.

  • Go to Android Settings and then move to Applications
  • Click Discord from all apps
  • Tap on Storage Usage
  • Delete all cache files

After deleting all files, close the Discord app & relaunch it to check if the app has received any notifications. Also, you can see the visible changes on the app performance on your device.      

Trick 10: Uninstall Discord app Beta Version

: Uninstall Discord app Beta Version

The Discord Beta version has more features than the Discord app (Public version). Beta works slowly on your Android if your device is not compatible with the version. The only resort is to uninstall the beta version and try downloading the basic app to get rid of Discord notifications not working.

  • Open Android apps
  • Press & hold the Discord app icon (Beta version) 
  • Click “App Info” to “Uninstall” it
  • Now, Go to Google Play Store
  • Download the Discord app (Public version)

Wait a minute till the app gets installed on your device automatically & you can open it from the Play Store tab. When the login page opens on the Discord app, provide your login details to sign in to the app. 

Trick 11: Background app Refresh

Background app Refresh

If you’ve switched the background usage for the Discord app, you might receive the app notifications even if the app is closed. Unless you enable the background app refresh, the Discord notifications will not work on Android. If you’re not clear on enabling this feature, try this out

  • Open the Android apps
  • Press & hold the Discord app icon
  • Click app info and then move to the Mobile Data/Wi-Fi
  • Press the toggle bars after Background data & Unrestricted data usage

These steps will enable the background app refresh feature on your Android mobile. After completing refresh, open the Discord app to test its functionality.  

Trick 12: Clearing All Browsing History

 Clearing All Browsing History

This technique might be apprehensive, but it would make an effect on rectifying the Discord notifications not working. Clearing all the browsing data on your Chrome & open the Discord app online version. 

  • Launch Google Chrome on Android mobile
  • Tap on More Settings
  • Click Privacy & Security>Clear browsing data
  • Go to the Advanced settings
  • Clear all the browser history
  • Then restart the Android Chrome app

Now, open the Discord app on Google Chrome & check if you are receiving any app notifications. Test your network speed which might be a reason for the issue if you are not getting messages from the app.  

Trick 13: Test Internet Connection

Test Internet Connection

As a result of poor internet on your device, you may come across the Discord notifications not working. Use this effective method to check your device’s network speed. Before getting into this method, make sure to connect the preferred network on your device. 

  • Open any browser on your Android mobile
  • In the search bar, type speedtest.net and press enter
  • Check your network speed

If the network speed is slow, switch to another network with high signal strength. Once your device is connected to another network, open the Discord app or online version on your device & look at the app performance. In addition, ask your friend to send you a message & check if the notification service is functioning properly.  

Trick 14: Troubleshoot Networking Devices

When you’ve figured out the internet is slow on your device, try to repair the Wifi router & modem. Any defect in routers or modems could result in Discord notifications not working Android. Make use of the actions below to troubleshoot the networking devices such as modem, router & ethernet cables:

Troubleshoot Networking Devices

  • Turn off your Android mobile’s Wi-Fi connection
  • Clear all the connection & power cables from the router and modem
  • Wait a minute to reconnect all the cables to the devices
  • Switch on your Router and Modem

When the indicator light blinks on your Wi-Fi modem, try connecting your Android mobile through Wi-Fi. Also, open the Discord app and check for notifications. You can also try this trick which might fix your Discord notifications not working Android

  • Connect your Android mobile to the Wi-Fi Router
  • Remove all the other connections from the networking equipment
  • Get your mobile closer to Wi-Fi Router

Now, your device will access more signal strength from the Wi-Fi network. This method will be the best fix if poor networking is a problem with Discord notifications not working

Trick 15: Update the Discord app

 Update the Discord app

Bugs are common in the outdated App versions which causes the drive to malfunction. Experts suggest updating the Android app can fix the Discord notifications not working

  • Go to Google Play Store
  • In the search tab, type “Discord.”
  • If it shows an update, click on it

Then, it starts updating to the latest version. If you find any difficulties in updating, try to uninstall the app. Here is how

  • On Android, go to Settings>applications
  • Select Discord app
  • Tap on uninstall

You can download it again from the Google Play Store and log in to the application. Now, you can check whether the Discord notifications are working.

Trick 16: Switch app Status To Online

 Switch app Status To Online

This simple trick would change the Android mobile Discord notifications not working status. Setting up your Discord app online is a must-do to make this method successful. 

  • Launch the Android Discord app
  • Click on your Profile Avatar
  • In the menu, open “Set Status.”
  • Click “Online”

Trick 17: Change Another Network

Your ISP (Internet Service Provider) might follow some safety guidelines that control the potential threatening apps. In the same way, the Discord Android app also faces the issue with ISP, which results in Discord notifications not working. A step-by-step guide to overcome this issue with Discord App is given below: 

  • Make sure the Discord app is closed on your Android phone
  • Then, open Android Settings>applications
  • Select Discord>Force close
  • After that, remove the device’s current network connection
  • Establish the new internet connection
  • Open Discord to check for its function

Trick 18: Open New Discord Account

 Open New Discord Account

Sometimes, the Discord server finds difficulties in providing app services, which may lead to Discord notifications not working. Also, a blocked Discord account on your Android device requires a switch over to other accounts which is the best way to fix this issue.

  • Open the Discord Android app
  • Click on the Profile picture
  • It prompts the menu, then open the Settings
  • Scroll down to click Log Out and Confirm
  • Next, restart your Android mobile
  • Again launch the Discord option
  • Now, create a new ID for logging into the app

Trick 19: Look At Android Notification Settings

Look At Android Notification Settings

Checking & modifying the App’s notifications settings is crucial as it solves the Discord notifications not working. Altering the app settings on your device is as important as modifying the settings on the Discord app itself. This is commonly left unnoticed by many Discord users, so follow the steps below to enable the Android app notifications: 

  • Open the Android menu
  • Press and hold the Discord application to open the app info
  • Click Notifications
  • Enable all the options on app Notifications

Trick 20: Update Android

Update Android

Usually, the bugs & errors accompany the device having an outdated OS. On the other hand, updating the app on your Android is essential to gain smooth performance from the features. Here, you can see how to update your Android device’s OS with the simple steps 

  • Launch Android Settings app
  • Go to System
  • Click on Software Update
  • Check for updates

If you find any software update, click to download & install it on your Android. You need to restart your device after every update, which initiates proper functionality.

Common Question From Random Users

How to enable the Discord App Notifications on my Android phone?

Open the app on your Android device & follow the actions below to enable the notifications on the Discord app:

  • Head to Android Settings
  • Open Apps
  • Select the “Discord” App
  • Go to Discord Settings
  • Then, enable the App Notifications


The Discord app holds a lot of fun and entertaining content that connects you with strangers similar to your interests. When you often face Discord notifications not working, it affects the app’s user experience. Notifications sent by the app are the only resource for what happens over it. If the app provides no notifications, it would be unpleasant.

With the help of this article, you can easily fix the Discord notifications not working Android. Try every topic one after another to increase the chance of success. In some cases, you can find the solution at the start, or else you might get the right fix in the end.