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Step-By-Step Guide For How To Drop A Pin On Google Maps 

Google Maps are one of the practical features for Google users to navigate in the right direction. One can find locations easily with Google Maps, no matter whether they are in a rural or an urban area. However, it may go in vain when there is no address, if you are off the road network, or if you have no idea of your location. In such cases, you must know how to drop a pin in Google Maps.

Google Maps are not only meant for locating your position and showing distance, but they can also customize the journey based on your mode of travel. Apart from all these great features, drop a pin Google Maps is another feather on the crown, as it saves the GPS coordinates of your spot. It might help you to share your area with your friends or family and help them to know your exact location.

From this article, you may have insights on “How do I drop a pin on google maps?” from any device like Android, iOS, and desktop. In addition, we will provide you with ways of gaining more from dropping the pin on Google Maps. 

How To Drop A Pin Google Maps By Using An Android Device

How To Drop A Pin Google Maps By Using An Android Device

The procedure to drop a pin on Google Maps is the same irrespective of any user’s mobile. Follow the below steps to drop a pin in Google Maps.

  • Navigate to the Google Maps App
  • Enter the location where you need to drop a pin
  • Zoom in for more clarity
  • Tap on the spot and hold until the location pops up below on the screen
  • Click on it to share or save the location, and you can label it or get the directions 

How To Drop A Pin Google Maps By Using An iOS

How To Drop A Pin Google Maps By Using An iOS

Drop a pin in Google Maps is the same as on an Android device. To be more specific, you can follow the instructions below

  • Navigate to the Google Maps app on your iOS 
  • Look for any address, or you can scroll over the Map to find the correct pin location
  • Long-press the screen on the desired location to drop a pin on Google Maps
  • A pop-up appears below the screen that shows your address or the coordinates
  • Move to the location for more details, to get directions, add labels, and more.

How To Drop A Pin Google Maps By Using A Desktop

How To Drop A Pin Google Maps By Using A Desktop

You could also drop the pin on Google Maps by using a desktop, and here we have given the steps specifically for people who use a desktop for locating. 

  • Move on to the Google Maps website.
  • Search for the address on the search bar present on the top-left side of the screen
  • Alternatively, you can scroll across to find the location to drop a pin on Google Maps.
  • The search bar drops a pin on the right location automatically.
  • To drop a pin, left-click on the spot and zoom in slightly on either side of the location (To avoid nearby markers). 
  • A tiny gray pin and an info box appear below on the right side of the screen.
  • Click on the navigation icon present in the info box to be directed to the dropped pin. 
  • Instead, you can also click elsewhere in the box to get more info about your location.
  • When the additional information screen opens up, you can click on the Save button to save your favorite pins or starred places.
  • You can also view the saved pins under “Your Places” on the Main menu.

How To Gain More From A Dropped Pin

You can receive more benefits from using the feature by using drop a pin in Google Maps. The options for using it on your Android or desktop may vary. Let’s have a detailed study of each benefits.

How Do You Drop A Pin On Google Maps For Directions

How Do You Drop A Pin On Google Maps For Directions

Google Maps’ most important feature is to give directions; when unsure about the address for a particular spot, dropped pins are inevitable. You can select your dropped pin either as a starting or an endpoint. Unfortunately, you will not be given any option to place two dropped pins & find directions. 

Firstly, you have to drop a pin & make a note of the address, and secondly, drop a pin on Google Maps for use as a start/ending point. Google Maps offers every route by airplane, four-wheel, two-wheel, and even by walk. 

Save Pin Locations

Save Pin Locations

You might also enjoy saving the area of a pin to the list by connecting it to your Google Account. You may even access the location from any other device. Three default lists are available: Favorites, Starred Places, and Want to go. You can include or remove more lists from the defaults using the Your Places from the Main menu in the Google Maps app. The list can be public, private, or even shared with particular users. Group lists help anyone in the group to add pins and are helpful for holiday trips and vacations. 

Forward A Pin From The Desktop To Your Phone

You may drop a pin in Google Maps on the desktop version of the app and share it via the mobile app. Additionally, you can email the location to any of the Gmail addresses connected to your account. You can even share it through text by including the phone number connected to your Google Account. Forwarding a pin from the desktop to your phone is simple, as you can enter the “Send to your phone” option to start the process. 

Note: This option is limited to performing only by using your desktop

How To Drop A Pin In Google Maps By Sharing

How To Drop A Pin In Google Maps By Sharing

There are four ways of sharing a dropped pin with users by using the Google Maps desktop app. 

Note: This does not include the list feature, as explained previously.

From the desktop, you can use the following ways to share a dropped pin

  • Copy & Paste the short link (automatically generated) for sharing with others
  • Press the Facebook icon to share the location directly in a network
  • Select the Twitter icon and post the link to your location
  • Make use of the HTML code for embedding the Map to the webpage

Note: If you share a location from your Android or an iOS device, you can use only the operating system’s Share menu. (Embed option can not be used)

Label Your Dropped Pin

Label Your Dropped Pin

Another way of gaining more benefits from Google Maps drop a pin is to label your dropped pins and customize them by adding it to the list. The labels may sync over your Google Account and be displayed on every Google Maps version. Somehow, there is a trade-off, as Google States in the message.

“Personal places will be used across Google products for personalized recommendations and more useful ads.”

The decision is purely based on the user’s mindset and whether they are comfortable sharing their privacy. Right-clicking on the dropped pin will start the process of labeling the dropped pin and using it. 

How To Remove Drop A Pin On Google Maps

We hope you have found how to drop a pin on Google Maps, and we are also ready to give you ways of removing it from your Map. To remove the pin, go through the steps below.

On an Android or an iOS device

  • Tap the X icon on the text box at the top of the page to remove the pin location.

On Desktop

  • Click elsewhere on Google Maps. 

  • Alternatively, you can also click on the “X” icon on the info box present below on the screen.

Opening Whatsapp Drop A Pin On Google Maps (By iOS/ Android)

Opening Whatsapp Drop A Pin On Google Maps (By iOS/ Android)

Google Maps’ pinning feature is the most practical and helps users to send the pinned location to anyone. For instance, when you find it harder to locate on Google Maps, you also have a friend who might help to locate the place quickly. In this situation, your friend can drop a pin on Google Maps from their end and share it via WhatsApp. You can then stick to the below steps

  • Navigate to WhatsApp on your phone and open your friend’s message

  • The Google Maps link you received from your friend shows “Dropped pin” and the closest identifiable location nearby. It might even have a small image of Google Maps.

  • Now, click on the link placed under the dropped pin location.

  • The link on your phone takes you to the Google Maps app from WhatsApp. 

  • After the Google Maps shows, you can view the dropped pin in the question.

  • Click on it, and a pop-up appears where you can move forward with steps. 

Note: If you have disabled the Google Maps app, the link opens in the default browser of your phone

How To Drop A Pin In Google Maps By Using WhatsApp Web Portal

WhatsApp is not only a popular messaging app, but it also offers people the WhatsApp Web. Using this portal, you can send or receive messages, which can be synced between your phone & computer. This makes it easier for the users to view the messages from both devices. 

You can download WhatsApp Web on your desktop, but you will need to have your phone in connection with the internet simultaneously. If you are using WhatsApp from your desktop and when someone sends you a dropped pin, you will be able to open it from the browser. Here are the ways to do it

  • Navigate to the WhatsApp Web portal, or else try launching the desktop WhatsApp messaging app on your computer

  • Click on the received Google Maps link on WhatsApp.

  • The link redirects to another tab on the browser. 

  • You can view the dropped pin you received in the tab.


And that’s it! You are now ready to drop a pin on Google Maps using any device like Android, iOS, or even your desktop. This article has discussed how to drop a pin in google maps, how to get the most out of the drop pin feature etc. You can now have a stress-free journey as you know the ways of dropping pins in Google Maps. Remember the techniques in this write-up for the next time you are stuck somewhere without an address or when you want to share the location with your friends.