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Smart Ways To Fix Face Id Not Working On iPhone

Apple unveiled the Face ID feature on their iPhone X model in Sep 2017; this feature drives more people’s interest. On the contrary, Face ID not working on iPhone makes it difficult to unlock your device and often troubles downloads & online purchases.

Face ID not working on iPhones is the underlying problem due to various factors. This article shows the best fixes for the common issues causing iPhone Face ID not working. This article is dedicated to fixing your iPhone issue, no matter how hard it gets. A few issues with your iPhone Face ID need other effective methodologies. Let’s show you the possible causes and effective fixes for Face ID not working.

Table Of Contents

  • Modify The Face ID Settings
  • Face Your TrueDepth Camera
  • Clean Your iPhone
  • Show Bare Face
  • Reset the Face ID
  • Restart Your iPhone’s Face ID
  • Restart Your iPhone
  • Do Hard Reset On iPhone
  • Set Up An Alternate Appearance
  • Troubleshoot Face ID
  • Update iOS
  • Factory Reset Your iPhone
  • Allow App Permission For Face ID
  • Get Your Device To Apple Service Centre
  • Call Apple Support
  • Conclusion

Modify The Face ID Settings

Many users face the most common issue of Face ID not working due to incorrect settings on the iPhone. First, check on the Face ID Settings on your iPhone and modify them to clear the issues.

  • Go to Settings (on iPhone)
  • Open Face ID & Passcode
  • Type your Passcode

You haven’t yet enabled it if the display shows the “Set Up Face ID” option on your iPhone.  Moreover, if anyone erased your saved Face ID on your iPhone, you can get the “Set Up Face ID” notification. 

  • Click on the “Set Up Face ID” tab 
  • Hold your iPhone, and make sure that you’re facing the facetime camera
  • Take position to set your face inside the frame
  • Tilt your head gently for the iPhone to finish reading your face

Face Your TrueDepth Camera

Sometimes, the iPhone’s facetime camera might be concealed, which causes Face ID not working. If you’re using protection accessories like a mobile case or a screen protector for your iPhone, they will prevent Face ID from working. Remove the accessories from the iPhone and check if the Face ID not working is fixed. 

For iOS 15, ensure you hold the camera in portrait mode to access Face ID unlocking. And for iPad Pro, you must hide the front camera with your finger if you have it horizontally. Use the on-screen guidance to know the facetime camera on your iPhone/iPad (open Face ID to see an arrow mark on your screen). While lying on the bed & trying to unlock the iPhone, it might be hard for the iPhone to recognize. In addition, avoid holding the iPhone too close or far away, as the distance is also a factor that causes the issue of Face ID not working

Clean Your iPhone

Filth/dust could obscure the facetime camera and prevent it from working. Oil, dirt, or sweat can either partially or fully block the front camera. Consequently, it might cause the Face Id not working on iPhone. Clean the iPhone using alcohol wipes and ensure it leaves no residues on the device. Take the cotton swabs and dip them into rubbing alcohol to clean the pores on the iPhone. After thoroughly cleaning the device, try to unlock the iPhone using your Face ID.

Show Bare Face

If you find no issues with your iPhone’s facetime camera, then there are ample chances that your face itself causes Face ID not working. For instance, if you’re wearing sunglasses while unlocking your phone, it blocks the infrared rays from the TrueDepth sensor.This blockage of IR rays results in Apple Face ID not working.

So, avoid using sunglasses, masks, headbands, etc., while looking into the iPhone’s Face ID. If wearing a mask is mandatory in your work environment to protect yourself from Covid – 19, there is another way to use Face ID. Wear a face mask and save your Face ID on your iPhone.

Reset The Face Id

For better results, let’s try to reset the Face ID and create a new ID on your iPhone. This method could resolve the Face ID not working on iPhone. To pursue this technique on your iPhone, try the steps below

  • Launch iPhone Settings App
  • Click “Face ID & Passcode” option
  • Tap on the “Reset Face ID” button
  • Wait a minute to press the “Set Up Face ID” option

Now, you can set the new Face ID by positioning your face on the camera frame. Check whether this technique works well on Face ID not working.

Restart Your iPhone’s Face ID

This simple technique will work full-fledged on your iOS device. The Face ID not working might be due to incorrect settings. Follow the steps given below to sort it out

  • Open iPhone Settings
  • Click “Face ID & Passcode” tab
  • Type your Passcode in the prompted column
  • Under the “Face ID For” option, toggle off all the enabled switches
  • Restart your device
  • Once the iPhone turns on, go to Settings
  • Tap on the “Face ID” button
  • Enable all the toggle bars under the “Face ID For” tab

You’re now thriving in resetting the Face ID not working on iPhone. Unlock your iPhone by holding it straight to your face to test if the Face ID is working on your device.

Restart Your iPhone

Restarting the device gives a hand to many users facing technical glitches or slow processing on their devices. Likewise, iPhone Face ID not working could be sorted by using this method. It clears the bugs & error files from the device and enhances your iPhone performance. To know more, follow the below steps

  • Press & hold the Volume + Side button
  • Move the slider to the right to switch off your iPhone
  • Wait for a minute, and then hold the Side button to turn on the device

After your iPhone restarts, type your iPhone’s password to open the device. Now, you can see the visible changes in your device performance, then set up the Face ID for your iPhone.  

Do Hard Reset On iPhone

In some cases, bugs in software could cause the Face ID on the iPhone not working. Hard reset or Force resetting your iPhone is vital in fixing the Face ID not working. To know how to perform this method, stick with the actions below

  • Press & release the Volume up key on your iPhone
  • Do the same on the Volume down button
  • Press & hold the Power/Side button till it shows the Apple Logo

After your iPhone gets reset, unlock your iPhone using Face ID to check if it is working fine. If the issue still needs to be resolved, keep reading the following hacks for Face ID not working.  

Set Up An Alternate Appearance

Set up an alternative Face ID in case of Apple Face ID not working. For setting an alternative one, stick to the following steps

  • Open the device’s Settings
  • Tap on “Face ID & Passcode” option
  • Click the “Set up an Alternate Appearance” tab
  • Show your face to the camera and turn your head gently to complete the circle
  • You will then head to further recognition after the face scan gets over
  • Click on “Done” after completing all the facial scans 

If the above method clears the mess of Face ID not working, you can use this Face ID whenever you’re locking your iPhone. Setting up an alternative appearance on your Face ID is always practical and more accessible than other methods.

Troubleshoot Face ID

When there is a problem with the face scanner, you cannot unlock your iPhone using your Face ID. Modifying the settings on your iPhone could fix the Face ID not working iPhone. The following steps will lead you to the advancements in the device’s settings

  • Launch iOS Settings App
  • Find and click on the “Face ID & Passcode” tab
  • Provide your Passcode to enter Face ID options
  • Then, press the “Reset Face ID” button

These optimised steps could reset your iPhone Face ID, and you can recheck for any difficulties unlocking your device. If it doesn’t help, you have other options too.

Update iOS

Generally, updating the iOS on your iPhone is crucial in boosting the device’s speed and it clears all bugs & errors. Using outdated iOS might induce the Face ID not working and leave more bugs on the iPhone. Installing the latest software on your device is the only resort to fix the iPhone Face ID not working. Check for updates by following the steps below

  • Open iPhone Settings
  • Tap on “General” tab
  • Click the “Software Update” button

Now, you can see the updates available for your iOS device, click on it to download, and they get installed automatically.

Factory Reset Your iPhone

Try this technique as a last resort for the Face ID not working on your iPhone. This method has the disadvantage of losing your device’s data. You must get a backup for your data to save them (use iCloud). Take note of your device IDs & Passwords to recover your data from iCloud. After that, quickly move to this technique for fixing the Apple Face ID not working iPhone. To restore the iPhone’s factory settings, do the procedures given below

  • Head to iPhone Settings App
  • Open the “General” tab
  • Click the “Reset” button
  • Now, tap on the “Erase All Content & Settings” option

If you need an iPhone backup again, a notification prompts with an update to the iCloud backup. 

  • You can choose either the “Back up then Erase” or “Erase Now” option.
  • Type in your Passcode that completes this technique

Once your device restarts, it shows on-screen guidance to set up your iPhone. After restoring the iPhone factory settings, you can recover all your data from iCloud.

Allow App Permission For Face ID

Sometimes, installing new apps on your iPhone would cause Face ID not working. It is because you still need to enable the Face ID for those Apps. You must toggle on Face ID each time to use this feature for that particular app.

  • Go to iPhone Settings 
  • Search for the Apps that you want to toggle on Face ID
  • Click on the App
  • Now, turn on the Face ID toggle for that particular app

An alternate option to switch on the Face ID feature for other apps is to perform the below steps. By choosing the apps that need switching on the Face ID feature, you can fix the related problems.

  • Launch Settings on your iOS device
  • Click on the “Face ID & Passcode” tab
  • Select Other Apps

Get Your Device To Apple Service Centre

Have you got an iPhone screen replacement from an unauthorised service centre? If yes, the problem with Face ID not working is due to dysfunction in the device firmware. It is because the third-party technicians may dismantle the hardware involving the Face ID feature when repairing. To overcome this issue, inform the Apple Service Centre & get your device repaired by the authorised technicians.   

Why Is Face Id Not Working? Call Apple Support

Do you still look for Face ID not working even after trying the above techniques? It is the right time for you to contact Apple Support or put a query on the official Support page. If you’ve accidentally dropped your iPhone, which leads to hardware damage, you will no longer be able to solve it using the above techniques. In such instances, it is always advisable to call experts from the Apple store to fix Face Id not working iPhone. The professionals from Apple could solemnly resolve the iPhone’s issue, and they will find the actual cause. 


Unlike pin/pattern, the Face Identification feature gets you quick access to the device within seconds. You need to be in a visible location avoiding dark places, to unlock your iPhone using Face ID. When Face ID is inoperative even in adequate lighting, it is indeed a worst-case scenario. This article guides you through the situations of the Apple Face ID not working. With this article’s help, you will successfully fix “why my face id is not working?”.