Blue Recovery Screen

How To Fix Blue Recovery Screen on Windows 10?

According to the market share report, 72% of users use the windows 10 operating system on their desktops & laptops. The windows popularity will become high day by day, but it’s not working without glitches.  Most people feel that windows 10 is working slow, corrupted files are repaired, and much more. The most frequent issue on windows 10 is the “Fix Blue Recovery Screen.” It’s also known as the “blue screen,” “stop error,” or “error screen.” 

This kind of blue screen error is something that every Windows user is handling sooner or later. We’ll go through the basic tips on how to fix a blue screen error on Windows 10 and the specific error codes. 

What is a Blue Screen Error?

Everyone is not sure about the Blue Recovery Screen and what causes it. But it’s the biggest problem for every user. 

The blue screen error is commonly called “fatal system error” and “stop error.” When the operating system is damaged due to various reasons, a blue screen error occurs on the screen. Hereby, the windows show the blue screen error with information about the issues and then restart.

Blue screen error appears for many reasons, which we will show below. In addition, most BSOD includes hardware problems, errors in the operating system, damaged drivers, and lagging in updates. 

Windows 10 and Windows 11 are the safest versions than earlier versions. Therefore, you won’t be able to handle this situation often on your desktops or laptops. You definitely know how to overcome the blue screen error problem. 

What Kind of Issues on the Blue Screen happens? 

Blue Screen errors(BSOD) cause software and hardware-related issues. It triggers to correct the os when the malfunctioning, including:

  • Mistakenly installed the device drivers
  • Corrects on Hard disk
  • Outdated Windows operating system 
  • Not sufficient space in the system disk
  • Unknown Windows 10 bugs
  • Misconfiguration on BIOS

This kind of error may generally happen during or after the upgrade on apps, software, or updating drivers. However, running into this error during general usage is a serious problem. 

Common Blue Screen Error Messages

Here I listed out the frequent stop error codes:


This kind of error can easily be resolved by using the hexadecimal format. Professional codes can sort out these issues and reveal more details about the problem, which they use to research a fix. 

To common users & non-IT professionals it could be hard to understand the error and sort it out. 

Things to do – Blue Recovery Screen Windows 10

Here are the primary things you need to get rid of the list when proceeding with the advanced methods. Make sure that the following tasks help you put down if you search for the root cause.

Disable Automatic Restart

Disable Automatic Restart Blue Recovery Screen

By default, Windows 10 automatically restarts when the “blue screen error” occurs. In that scenario, you won’t have enough time to record the BSOD error code. So, to start fixing the Windows 10 blue screen error, you need to press and hold the stop error screen for a while. 

Here are the steps for fixing the in windows 10:

  1. Go to the PC -> click “Right” on the screen
  2. Go to the “Properties”
  3. Tap Advanced System settings on your left-hand side
  4. You can now see the “startup and recovery,” and then hit settings option
  5. Under the system failure, untick the box that says “Automatically restart.”
  6. Then move to OK and continue

Find Viruses in System

Data corruption is one of the best things to cause BSOD on your Windows 10. Due to malware, the data might get corrupted on your computer, which isn’t normal. 

So, if you see more blue screens than usual in Windows 10, you should activate the antivirus software to scan your system entirely. One of the default antiviruses in your windows 10 is “Windows Defender,” that antivirus program helps to scan your system and fix the blue screen.

Windows Update

 Blue Recovery Screen Windows Update

Keep in mind that your PC gets the latest security patches and other updates regularly. It is one of the most important things you need to fix Blue Recovery Screen screen errors from happening. Windows 10 users don’t have to do much because updates install automatically, and it isn’t much you can do to stop them.

Don’t Forget To Update The Hardware Drivers

The “blue screen error on Windows 10” can show up on your PC’s screen if its drivers are broken. So, you could also throw away the BSOD devil by updating or fixing them.

Nowadays, most hardware is taken care of by drivers that work with Windows 10, but it’s still not everything. If Windows can’t automatically update a driver, you’ll need to do it yourself by downloading the driver from the manufacturer’s website. 

How To Fix if Windows 10 Stuck on Blue Screen?

If the solutions didn’t help, it’s more probably your problem will be more complicated than usual. The common issues of the windows blue screen error are the broken piece of hardware or a wrongly set up software driver. Try the below-mentioned solutions to find out which is exactly.

Safe Mode on BOOT To Fix Windows 10 Blue Recovery Screen

 BOOT To Fix Windows 10  Blue Recovery Screen

Windows users have been using “Safe Mode” for years to figure out what’s wrong with their computers. The “blue screen of death” is no different than the Blue Recovery Screen error. These blue screen errors can be fixed in Windows 10 and older versions by going into Safe Mode.

When you start Windows 10 in safe mode, only important services, and drivers load. If you can’t be able to see BSOD, then you can say that a third-party driver caused your computer.

How Do You Use Windows in Safe Mode?

Earlier Windows XP & 7 have used MS Config to boot into safe mode. Or else, press the F8 key if you start the PC. Windows 10 has one more option to access the Safe Mode. Here we can see the settings for Windows.

  • Go to PC -> Settings -> click Update & Recovery > Tap Recovery
  • Now, you can see the “Under Advanced Startup,” then click Restart And wait for the advanced features options to startup the screen to appear 
  • Choose -> Troubleshoot
  • Then click startup settings to restart to boot and access the safe mode.

Apply Setup Diag To Fix BSOD During Windows Update

The SetupDiag program could help when you are trying to update Windows. 

This Windows program can be downloaded from Microsoft’s site. It looks at the Windows Setup log to see what is wrong and stops the Windows Update.

Once you have “SetupDiag,” you can run it and follow the instructions on the screen to find out what is caused by the BSOD. After the process, you can open the “SetupDiagResults.log” file in Notepad and see the results saved in the same folder.

Use System Restore

Blue Recovery Screen Use System Restore on

Microsoft made a system restore, and it is one of the features of Windows that lets you make serious mistakes. It can help if the Blue Recovery Screen error can be caused by a program or driver you put on your computer.

Here you can get the settings for Windows 10 system restore option:

  • Go to the Control Panel > Recovery
  • Roll back on Windows -> click Open System Restore
  • Tap Configure System Restore > Create

Chances are high that the windows 10 blue screen error will get fixed if it’s due to some recent change on your computer.

Final Thoughts About Blue Recovery Screen Error on Windows 10

Now you will know how to solve the blue screen error on Windows 10. Blue screen errors are frustrating because they can stop you from fixing the problem properly. The tips mentioned above are useful for fixing the blue screen error and how to fix it.