Google Sucks

Why Does Google Sucks and What Could You Do?

You may find everything online. With the help of a search engine, you may do a thorough web search. You may select from a range of search engines. Google Sucks is the most convenient search engine of all the mentioned devices. 

Google is used by numerous nut surfers throughout the world. There are certain drawbacks to the platform to keep in mind. In this piece, we’ve outlined the several ways in which fails. You may utilize this information to learn the truth about the search engine and make an informed decision.

  • SEO practices are critical to Google’s success

Google has a stronger belief in SEO codes. The best way to improve your  search results ranking is to use SEO changes. The problem is that some businesses are spending a lot of money to appear on the top page of Google search results. As a result, Google’s search results are destroyed because of the prominent placement of sponsored links on the first page of results.

  • Google Tracks Online Actions On Google Sucks

Google’s privacy policy is a major source of frustration. Yes, it keeps tabs on your every internet move. Even though it aids you in customizing your ad choices, it does not protect your privacy. When you use Google search engines, you won’t be able to surf the web in perfect privacy. It has the effect of permanently devaluing Google.

  • Improper Search Suggestions 

We are promised appropriate suggestions based on our browsing history. In reality, this was not the case. There are a lot of unwanted adverts in the Google search suggestions. Google hurts when you see adverts for items you haven’t even searched for.

  • Inadequate Google Indexing

Indexing is a method used by Google to rank a website. Since indexing is being hacked by more spammers, search engine results are becoming more skewed. The findings are unsuitable and erroneous as a result. In addition, Google prioritizes the volume of content over the quality of the content. Hackers may be able to use this to their advantage in search engine results.

  • Google Hangout Sucks

Google has a weak voice and video chat capabilities from the start. Based on the User Interface, Google has been lacking from video conferencing services to Hangouts due to user-friendliness and ease-of-use. Google stinks because it changes application names and kills off old ones. As a result of your reliance on Google apps, the product you utilized years ago is no longer accessible.

The Best Alternatives For Google

For all reasons we have already covered, we can attempt employing alternatives to Google for various functions and simplicity of use. Here is a list of the finest alternatives to Google that are currently accessible.

Google Sucks : Bing

Bing is one of the search engines which was owned and operated by Microsoft. Microsoft’s previous search engines like Windows Live Live Search, MSN Search, and later Live Search were all precursors to it. Bing offers a variety of search options, including web, video, photo, and map searches.

Bing is a Microsoft product, which means it is trustworthy and offers a wide range of features. Users may rely on Bing’s search results to be relevant to their needs. It can provide recommendations for Microsoft products that are best suited to your specific needs. Microsoft Bing has greater video search capabilities. When you want to locate a wide, the tool might recommend better search results.

Google Sucks : Yahoo

Yahoo is the world’s oldest search engine, and it has a valid number of users. The tool’s user interface may be quite simple. Yahoo search results are more dependable and accurate. Browse in floating windows using Yahoo search. Search results may be retrieved from a floating window using Yahoo shortcuts.

Yahoo is also 100 percent secure to protect all of your search activity. You can search your needs with the help of a search scan on Yahoo. Protect yourself from viruses and other malware that may be on the websites you visit with this add-on software.

Google Sucks : DuckDuckgo

DuckDuckGo is a search engine that places a higher value on protecting the personal information of its users. With this search engine, consumers may get more accurate results from a variety of sources such as Yahoo and Bing. Without having to worry about their privacy being compromised. DuckDuckGo is a search engine that may supply you with results in a matter of seconds. Instant responses may be accessed without the need to visit any websites.

DuckDuckGo is a superior alternative to Google since it doesn’t display any pop-ups while you’re using it.


Hundreds of millions of people use Google. In addition to its addictive characteristics, Google sucks now for a variety of reasons. A new search engine that protects our privacy is what we’re looking for. In this piece, we’ve outlined the reasons why  is so terrible. Using the information supplied in the short, you may choose one of the finest solutions.