How To Find Hidden Apps On iPhone? Here You Can!

The Apple App Store has nearly 1.6 million apps, out of which you can download your favourite ones. Unfortunately, you may find some apps ruining your time and productivity, so you want to hide them on your iPhone. Later when you have to find hidden apps on iPhone, you might be left distressed. Luckily, you can use this guide when you need to unhide the apps on your iPhone effortlessly.

Use Spotlight Search To Find Hidden Apps On iPhone

Spotlight is a built-in feature on your iPhone through which you can find hidden apps on your iPhone. Additionally, using Spotlight Search to find the apps that are hidden under the App Library is easier. Here’s how to find hidden apps on iPhone using the Search feature on iOS device

  • Swipe right on your iPhone Home Screen to open Spotlight Search
  • Search for the app you need
  • Click on the app icon from the results to open it

If you can’t find the hidden app in the search results, try an alternative method below.

  • Open iPhone settings
  • Tap and hold the “Siri & Search” option
  • Scroll down to see the hidden app
  • Click on the app to open

In the same way, you can find all hidden apps on iPhone & restore them to your device. On the other hand, use voice commands on the personal assistant “Siri” to find the hidden iPhone apps; check out the following method.

Take Advantage Of Siri & Search

Saying “Hey Siri” will allow multiple access on your iPhone. By this method, you can easily find hidden apps on your iPhone using the “Siri” feature. Below are the steps to launch Siri & how to find hidden apps on iPhone

  • Ensure to enable “Listen for Hey Siri” option on your iPhone
  • Tell “Hey Siri”
  • Then, say, “Open + (name of the hidden app)”

Now you can notice the hidden app from the result; tap to open it. Alternatively, look into the App Library to find hidden apps on the iPhone; move on to the following method.

Explore App Library

Explore App Library

Apple launched the App library along with iOS 14, and now you can find hidden apps on iPhone through this feature. It allows you to hide several apps on your iPhone rather than uninstalling them on your device. Now you know where to find hidden apps on iPhone, and here’s how to access App Library

  • Long press on iPhone home screen to enter jiggle mode(screen flickers)
  • Tap once on the circle below the tabs to put a tick
  • Then click “Done” at the top right corner to unhide tabs(that contain the hidden apps)

Subsequently, you can find hidden apps on your iPhone and restore them on your iOS device. Furthermore, the Apple App Store allows you to find any apps hidden on your iPhone.

Examine The App Store to Find hidden apps on iphone

Examine The App Store

Finding the hidden apps in the App Library or Siri is easier when compared to using the Apple App Store. However, App Store helps you search for deleted apps or applications restricted by the Screen Time feature on iPhone. 

  • Launch Apple App Store
  • Tap on “Search” option (at bottom-right corner)
  • Type the app’s name in the search tab
  • Click “Open” next to the app from the results

When you see the “Cloud” icon after the app name, click to download it on your device. While your iPhone restricts downloading such apps, go to Screen Time setting to sort out this issue. The next topic will answer your question, “how do I find hidden apps on my iPhone.”

Remove Screen Time Restrictions

Remove Screen Time Restrictions

Screen Time feature on your iOS device manages to track and restrict app usage. In addition, you can set usage limits for default apps such as Camera, Messages, Mail, etc., on your iPhone. Unless you free up the apps from Screen Time, you can’t use such apps on your iPhone. So it is crucial to check whether the app you’re looking at is restricted by Screen Time. You can know  how to remove Screen Time configurations for apps from the steps below

  • Open the Settings App on your iPhone
  • Find and click the Content & Privacy Restrictions option
  • Type your Admin passcode
  • In case you forget it, use your Apple Account username & password instead
  • Then, open “Allowed Apps” & toggle on the apps to remove Screen Time restrictions

Check if the apps you’ve revealed are visible on the iPhone’s Home screen. As a result, you can find hidden apps on iPhone and explore such apps without limitations. Resetting the iPhone’s Home screen layout gets back the hidden apps on your device. 

Reset Home Screen Layout

Reset Home Screen Layout

Luckily, one of the reset options called “Reset Home Screen Layout” shows how to find hidden apps on iPhone. Go through your iPhone settings to perform this method on your device. Make use of the steps below to reset the home screen layout to find hidden apps

  • Head to iPhone Settings
  • Select the “General” tab
  • Click the Reset option
  • Then tap the “Reset Home Screen Layout” option

After completing these steps, all of your home screen layouts would be set to defaults. Check if the hidden apps on your iPhone are visible on the home screen now, if not, move onto the next method.

Check App Purchases To Find Hidden Apps On iPhone

Check App Purchases To Find Hidden Apps On iPhone

Hiding the app purchases on your iPhone will remove apps from the Home screen.

  • Launch iPhone Settings App
  • Find & select the “View Account” tab
  • Tap on your “Apple ID”
  • Click the “Media & Purchases” option
  • Scroll down to press the “Hidden Purchases”

From these steps, you can find hidden apps on iPhone seamlessly.

Bonus Topic: Methods To Hide Any Apps On Your iPhone

  • If you don’t want others to use your mobile apps, you may hide those apps on your iPhone.
  • To find hidden apps on iPhone, swipe left on the Home screen to get to the last page and open the App Library application
  • You don’t need to delete the app’s data to hide it on your iPhone; you can get it back anytime.

You can add several apps to the Home screen depending on your preferences. This allows you to access any apps on the device quickly; at the same time, apps get cluttered on your iOS. 

Apple offers few methods to modify your Home screen layout; one among them is grouping the apps and moving them to folders. In contrast, you can hide unwanted apps from the iPhone’s Home screen & open the App Library to find hidden apps. While hiding apps on your iPhone, you can get them from the App Library without losing the app data. Here’s how to hide app applications on your iPhone

On your home screen, you can either hide the single app or the whole page of apps. The app you’ve hidden on your iPhone moves to the App Library. You can access the App Library anytime on your iPhone to restore the hidden apps. 

Hiding An iPhone App

Hiding An iPhone App

Find & locate the specific app you want to hide from the home screen. Then follow the steps below to hide such apps

  • Tap & hold the app until the options appear
  • Click the “Remove App” button

The app icon no longer exists on the home screen but will be available on the App Library. If you’ve decided to restore the app later on your iOS device, long-press the application from the App Library and click the “Add to Home Screen” option. 

Hide A Page Of Apps From Your Home Screen(iPhone)

Hide A Page Of Apps From Your Home Screen(iPhone)

  • Click & hold the horizontal dots (those dots indicates the position of pages)
  • Hold them until your iPhone enters jiggle mode
  • Once your iPhone home screen zooms out, uncheck the page of apps that you wish to hide(tap once on the checkmark that has already been there)

The pages you’ve unchecked are no longer available on the home screen. Hence, finding a hidden page of apps on the iPhone follows the same technique as detecting a single hidden app(on App Library). To restore the hidden page on your iPhone’s home screen, open the App Library and put a checkmark on the whole page.

Wrapping Up

You can use any of the above methods for the next time while finding hidden apps on your iPhone. First, you have to use the default feature like Spotlight Search or Siri to find the hidden apps on iPhone. Usually, you will find any hidden apps by going through the App Library on your iPhone – swipe left till you can view on the App Library. Make use of the bonus topics to hide a single app or the whole page of apps from your iPhone’s home screen.