how to get more storage on pc

How To Get More Storage On PC – 7 Quick Ways

Adequate storage space is a main consideration for many people when they opt to buy a new computer. Initially you might think that your device memory is enough, but later, you would have to search for how to get more storage on PC. So, this article is dedicated to improving more storage organically on your device. When you’ve stuffed more programs or files on the device, Windows starts lagging on your system. Here are 7 easy ways on how to improve storage on your PC.

How To See The Available Storage On Your PC

How To See The Available Storage On Your PC

Before moving into the solutions, check the available storage on your device. So you can have a clear idea of how much storage you will need. Follow the steps below to check Windows 10 storage space

  • Press “Win” + “S” keys to open Windows menu
  • Type “Storage settings” in the search tab and hit “Enter” to open it
  • Look at the data showing the storage space on your device 

Now, let’s move on to these effective methods on how to get more storage on PC.

How To Get More Storage On PC – Effective Methods 

#1: Remove Unwanted Apps

 Remove Unwanted Apps

Clearing the unwanted apps on the device increases more storage on your PC. Further, if you’re downloading more apps, your system gets stuck while running those apps. Before installing a new app, follow the below steps to uninstall the unnecessary applications

  • Click “Windows” + “S” keys simultaneously
  • Type: “Apps & Features” and hit the “Enter” button
  • In the next window, you can see the installed programs(on Windows)
  • Find & locate the unwanted apps on your PC(on the right panel)
  • Select the inessential app & click “Uninstall.”
  • In the same way, you can uninstall all unnecessary applications

After uninstalling the unnecessary apps, restart your PC to complete the actions effectively. In addition, take advantage of the Disk Cleanup program to get more storage on your PC.

#2: How To Get More Storage On PC – Launch Disk Cleanup

How To Get More Storage On PC - Launch Disk Cleanup

The Disk Cleanup tool takes actions like clearing the cache, emptying the bin, removing the temporary files, etc., on your PC. This tool could free up space on your device and boost the device’s processes. Here’s how to get more storage on your PC using the Disk Cleanup tool

  • Tap the “Win” + “E” keys simultaneously to launch “File Explorer.”
  • Select “This PC” (at the Windows left panel)
  • Right-click on the disk that you need to clean & select the “Properties” option(start cleanup disk “C:” which hosts the OS)
  • By opening the disk “Properties,” tap on the “Disk Cleanup” option
  • Wait for the tool to analyse the storage that you will free up on your PC
  • Put “Check” marks on the files under the “Files to delete” tab & delete them
  • Also, click “Clean up system files” for advanced cleanup
  • At last, enter OK to start the Disk Cleanup

After running the Disk Cleanup, you will get more storage on your PC. Sometimes, you need to explore manually on Windows to delete large files that are no longer needed. 

#3: Delete Large Files

Delete Large Files

Instead of deleting enormous small files, removing an extensive program or file gives you more storage space on your PC. Launch the “File Explorer” and search for the unwanted files & delete each file manually. Doing this method frequently on your PC helps to free up storage space. 

#4: Get A USB Stick

Get A USB Stick

Use USB sticks as an alternative storage device to move your files. If you’re having many important files on your computer, then a pendrive is the must-have. Moreover, the maximum storage space of a USB pen drive ranges up to 1 TB. With the help of an USB stick, you can move the necessary files and get more storage on your PC. 

#5: Utilise The Cloud Space

Utilise The Cloud Space to Get More Storage On PC

One of the best options to gain more storage on a PC is to utilise cloud memory space. In particular, you can use cloud storage to back up the essential files on your device. Google Drive will store your files and media as cloud memory, which you can access anytime. At the same time, use a password to secure files on Google Drive.

#6: Take Advantage Of External Hard Drive

Take Advantage Of External Hard Drive

Go for an external drive in case you require more storage on PC, and this drive allows you to store large files. Depending on your storage needs, you can buy external drives ranging from 256GB to 20TB storage. Scanning your external drive often will prevent your device from any malware attack.

#7: Replace The Hard Disk

Replace The Hard Disk to Get More Storage On PC

By replacing your current hard disk with a high-memory drive you can get more storage on your PC. For instance, if your system has 1TB of memory, getting a 2 TB hard drive will satisfy your needs. However, using an SSD (Solid State Drive) for your Windows system is a better option. The SSD is a compact device as compared to the hard drive, and also works faster than any other storage devices.


If you’re struggling with how to get more storage on PC, then the above methods will satisfy your storage needs. You can make additional storage through several ways on your PC to save more files and run them faster. You need to do the Disk Cleanup often on your computer, similar to optimising the Windows. Disk cleanup includes all the cache, duplicate files, etc., & wipes them out from the system. On the other hand, this cleanup tool empties the bin & earns more space on your computer. Uninstalling the rarely used apps & deleting large files could improve storage on your PC. Anyways, use cloud memory for backing up the media or files, which you can recover later on your computer. Furthermore, you can use a USB stick, SD card, or external hard drive to store your files and avoid your device from becoming laggy.