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Know How To Restore Apps Keep Crashing Android Quickly

Smartphone users worldwide are facing the apps that keep crashing Android issues often. Sometimes, updating your app turns out to be either good or bad for certain apps. So it is crucial to point out what is causing the app not to work on your device. Proper network connection & updated Android OS version are desirable to eliminate problems on your device. Also, you can force stop the defective apps on the Android in order to rectify them. You can note that some methods given in this article have special notes at the end of each topic. Try to follow them to get more benefits on fixing Android apps crashing.       

Why Do Apps Keep Crashing Android?

Low storage & multitasking on your device are the two major reasons for Android apps crashing. Other reasons, such as outdated OS, poor internet, less device storage, cache files, etc., also might lead to the problematic condition. If you’re using an outdated app on your Android, you need to update it. App developers release updates for apps they’ve created regularly. Along with an update, they enclose the patches to fix the bugs & errors. So, you need to download those updates to avoid errors. 

Sometimes, the app itself can be the reason for the sudden freeze on Android. It is due to the app’s server error or lagging function, as you’ve clicked more options simultaneously. Smartphones inducing more heat can lead to app dysfunction & cause the apps to crash Android. When there are more apps running on your phone already and opening a new app further can lead to the processor malfunctioning. Closing the apps you’re not currently using is the best practice to overcome Android apps crashing

Now, get onto the Android device, which might be the reason for apps crashing Android. Firstly, update the device software to access more features on your phone. At the same time, the latest OS allows you to install an extensive app & you can launch the app without flaws. Later, you can remove the cache files on Android to free up storage for app’s functions. Lastly, do a factory reset on your mobile to fix apps that keep crashing Android.

How To Repair Apps Keep Crashing Android?

Yes, you can fix the Android apps crashing on your device with the help of the effective steps in this article. Formerly, you have come across the basic techniques like updating software, force quitting apps, checking the internet, etc., followed by advanced methods. In most cases of Apps crashing, these basic techniques would be best for fixing the issues.

Update Software

Update Software

Sometimes, the latest apps keep crashing Android while it runs on a phone with outdated software. It is essential to update your device OS in order to troubleshoot the latest apps not working on Android. Check if there are any updates available by following the actions below

  • Head to Android Settings App
  • Click on “Software Update” tab
  • Tap “Download & Install” option

Look for any updates available right now for your device. If you find any, click to install it & check if the issue with apps crashing Android has been solved.

Troubleshoot Internet Connection

Troubleshoot Internet Connection

A good network connection is essential for some apps to run on your Android. So, checking the speed & strength of the internet on your mobile is the best way to find whether it’s causing the problem. Run the internet speed test to analyse the network, then try to fix it or establish a new network on your device. After getting connected to a strong mobile or WiFi network, open the network-oriented apps to check if the Android apps crashing are rectified.

Check Your WiFi Connection

Check Your WiFi Connection

Some apps are compatible with low internet speed; on the other hand, few apps keep crashing Android while the network signal is weak. In this case, you should troubleshoot the internet connection on your Android phone. If you’re using the WiFi network for your smartphone, turn off the device’s WiFi & establish it again. To make it more straightforward for you, check the following steps below

  • Swipe down from the top of the screen to open “Quick” options
  • Find & click once on the “WiFi” icon to disable it(turns grey)
  • Wait for a second to turn it on 
  • Long press the “WiFi” icon & it redirects you to the “WiFi” Settings
  • Select the preferred network to establish it on your Android

Now, open one of the apps keep crashing Android to check the app’s functionality. In addition, you can establish your WiFi network on any other device to find its signal strength. If there are no significant complaints on the WiFi network, the problem might be with the app or Android itself. So, continue pursuing the methods in this guide to get the best solution for an Android app issue.               

Force Stop – Apps Keep Crashing Android

Force Stop - Apps Keep Crashing Android

When you’ve exited from the app without closing it properly, the app functions continue to run in the background. Having multiple tasks on Android might cause memory to get stuck on the processors. Force-stopping some apps can free up space for other applications to function. 

  • Go to the device Settings
  • Click on “Apps”
  • Select the App that you need to force stop
  • Then, click “Force Stop”

Ensure the app is no longer running on your device’s background. Now, open any other apps on your Android to find out if the app not working issue is resolved. 

Restart Your Android

Restart Your Android

Any temporary errors on the device can be fixed effortlessly by restarting your mobile. Turning off your device & turning it on again could restore: apps keep crashing Android. Make use of the following steps to restart your Android device

  • Press & hold “Power” button (usually on the right edge of your device)
  • Wait for the screen to display Power options such as “Restart” & “Power Off”
  • Click on “Restart” & wait until the device gets on again


  • Click on “Power Off” to turn off your device 
  • Once your device vibrates, it means the device has switched off
  • Now, press & hold the “Power” button until the Android logo appears on the screen
  • After turning on your Android, click the main menu to open any app not working Android

Go through the app to check if this method successfully fixes apps crashing Android. When clicking the app fails to open it, move on to the following methods.

Free Up Storage

Free Up Storage

Ensure that the Android has adequate storage for the apps to function. It is hard for the apps to run on the device having minimal storage. So, clearing the device storage will free up some space for the app’s function. Some apps usually drain more battery; whereas some apps induce heat on your device. To avoid these circumstances, delete the unwanted files, apps, games & cache to expand the device storage. Sometimes your mobile is restricted for optimal performance due to low storage on your phone. 

Firstly, find and delete the apps & games that are unnecessary on your device. You can also save them into the cloud memory available on your device by default. Or else, use a memory card or pen drive to store them for future purposes. 

Delete App Data

Delete App Data

You would be frustrated when your favourite Android phone apps keep crashing. Open the app settings to delete the cache and excessive app data on your Android phone. Writing down your login credentials before clearing app data is crucial because it wipes out all data. Then, use the noted login details to access your favourite apps again. Take advantage of the following actions to clear the app data.

  • Open the Android Settings App
  • Scroll down to open “Apps” tab
  • Select the app that you’ve preferred to clear data
  • Click on “Storage” option under the “App info” tab
  • Tap on “Manage Storage”
  • Then, click “Clear data” button

In the same way, you can clear data for any apps to free up device storage. Make sure you’ve created the backup for some apps’ data which is essential for your device. However, open the app and enter the login details to get into the app’s main page & check for its functionality. 

Rollback An App Update

Rollback An App Update

If your device is still having apps crashing Android, roll back the current update for best results. To get an clear understanding of how to rollback the update on newly updated apps: follow the steps mentioned here

  • Open the Android Settings
  • Press “Apps”
  • Click on “See All Apps” button
  • Then, select Any App (that you want to rollback the update)
  • Find & click the 3 vertical dots icon (usually on the screen’s top-right edge)
  • Click “Uninstall Updates” from the prompted options

Generally, some apps are not compatible with the roll-back update feature; for instance,  you could not revert the third-party app updates. However, you can check whether the Android apps crashing issue has been rectified.   

Uninstall & Reinstall – Apps Keep Crashing Android

Uninstall & Reinstall - Apps Keep Crashing Android

Delete the apps crashing Android & install them again to reset any technical glitches on those apps. The reason behind the app’s dysfunction might be the error or an outdated app version on your Android. Try the actions below to make this method effective on your phone

  • Press & hold the app logo until it prompts the options
  • Click “App info”
  • Then, tap on “Uninstall” to remove all app data from the device
  • Now, visit “Google Play Store” and search for that app
  • Click “Download” to get the updated version of the app on your device


  • Touch & hold the app icon until the “Uninstall” option prompts above
  • Drag the app icon to the Uninstall option to clear that app       
  • Now you can download it from the “Play Store”

Then, launch the app on your device & provide details to log into the app. If you are downloading the apps straight from the browser, run a pre-scan to prevent malware. After the scan, launch the app on your Android & come across all app functions to check it. 

Allow App Permissions

Allow App Permissions to avoid apps keep crashing android

Occasionally, apps on your Android use some device features. So, let such apps access the features such as location, calls, camera, mic, etc., by modifying the app settings. While launching a new app on your mobile, it asks for the device’s permission – click “Allow” to grant. Make sure to download only the authorised apps because fake applications may damage your phone.

It is optional to allow all permission for the app, select permissions which are essential for apps to run. Also, you can undo such app permissions when you think they are of less usage. Look at the steps below to set up App permissions

  • Open the Settings App on your Android
  • Scroll down to navigate “Apps” – click it
  • Tap on one of the Apps keep crashing Android 
  • Click the “Permissions” tab
  • Do “Check” & “Uncheck” the permissions as you want

At the same time, you can do these steps for other apps crashing Android. Now, you can check whether the issue of Apps not working is solved or not. In some instances, caches of apps could prevent them from working. Next, you can see what cache is & how to clear the app’s caches.

Clear Cache Of Apps Keep Crashing Android

Clear Cache Of Apps Keep Crashing Android

A cache is the temporarily stored data that apps use to give their best service on your Android. These caches might occupy a big space on your Android, so delete them frequently to gain more storage space. Stick to the simple steps below to clear all caches 

  • Head to Android Settings 
  • Click on “Apps” menu
  • Select the app not working Android
  • Open “Storage” option
  • Click the “Clear Cache” to remove the app’s Cached data

Take down the list of apps keep crashing Android & clear cached data for those apps. After completing these steps, head to the defective app and see if it functions fine.

Factory Reset – Android

Ensure you’ve tried all the above methods before getting into this fix. A factory reset, drives the device back to the factory settings. So, get a backup for all the wanted data on your Android and move them to any alternative device or store them as cloud memory(Use Google Cloud). 

  • Go to Device Settings
  • Click “General Management” tab
  • Tap on “Reset” button
  • Then, click “Factory data reset” option

Note: Recheck that you’ve got backup for important data on your Android before confirming to initiate Factory data reset.


After trying the above methods, you might find Android crashing apps is fixed. Apart from that, a few apps acting dead on your smartphone might be corrupted or can fake applications. Try to uninstall those apps on Android which might create interference with other working apps. Anyways, leave a report about the app on the website or Google Play Store. Finally, factory reset the Android & download all the current apps on your smartphone again.