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9 Powerful Ways To Fix iPhone Bluetooth Not Working 

Common Bluetooth Issues After Updating

You can connect devices like Airpods, speakers, and a car’s stereo to your iPhone via Bluetooth. The iPhone Bluetooth not working might ruin your whole mood for using your device. There are several reasons behind this issue, such as problematic hardware, Bluetooth, Network Settings, etc. Initially, this blog answers your question, why is my iPhone Bluetooth not working, and then provides the worthy fixes.

Before We Start…

Ensure that you’re following the general criteria to have the Bluetooth feature working on your device. Firstly, check whether the Bluetooth option is enabled on your iPhone, if not then turn it on. Here is how you can turn on/off Bluetooth 

  • Slide on the iPhone’s screen (Upwards) 
  • The display prompts the Control Centre
  • Click on the “Bluetooth” symbol to turn it on

You can infer that your Bluetooth is enabled when you notice a blue icon on your iPhone. Now, get the Bluetooth device within your iPhone’s Bluetooth range to make a strong connection. Moreover, the signal strength of Bluetooth ranges from 1 to 30 feet, and your devices must be in this range to have a Bluetooth connection. 

Place your iPhone on the range of a defective Bluetooth device & a properly working device. Try to connect both devices to your iPhone via Bluetooth. If you find that one device is connecting when the other is still unresponsive, you can conclude that the problem is with the faulty Bluetooth device.

How To Troubleshoot iPhone Bluetooth Not Working

If the above basic techniques are not working for your iPhone’s Bluetooth issue, move on to the other valuable fixes in this article. You should figure out the main cause for iPhone Bluetooth not working, as it may be due to  the hardware or software problems on your iPhone.


An antenna is a separate hardware in your iPhone for Bluetooth connection. In addition, it also aids for Wi-Fi connectivity, so any fault in the antenna could result in iPhone Bluetooth & Wi-Fi not working. Apart from the problematic antenna, there might be other factors that cause the mess. You can use the following methods to sort it out and restore your iPhone Bluetooth not working.

#1: Restart Your iPhone

Restart Your iPhone

To fix the iPhone Bluetooth not working, restarting the iPhone is mandatory and a simple method. Any technical glitch or bug on your iPhone’s software would be the reason for Bluetooth malfunction. Turning off your device, and later turning it on again might fix this issue. Restart your iPhone by following the steps given here

  • Press & hold the iPhone’s power button to prompt the Power Off slider
  • Move the slider to the right to Turn Off your device
  • Wait up to 30 seconds for your iPhone to shut down
  • Again, press & hold the power key until the iPhone displays Apple logo

Once the device restarts, connect any Bluetooth device and check whether the iPhone is connected to such a device.

#2: Restart Bluetooth On Your iPhone

Restart Bluetooth On Your iPhone

Restarting the device’s Bluetooth brings good results for your iPhone Bluetooth not working. There are three ways to perform this technique, pick any one among them to turn on/off iPhone Bluetooth.

Use Settings App

  • Launch iPhone Settings App
  • Click on Bluetooth
  • Toggle on the Bluetooth switch
  • Make sure that the toggle bar is Blue(it shows that Bluetooth is enabled on your device)
  • Then, tap again to turn on the device’s Bluetooth

Through Control Centre

  • Open the Control Centre by swiping up on your iPhone’s screen
  • Click the Bluetooth icon and check if the icon is encircled by a grey background
  • Wait for a second to toggle on the Bluetooth (look for the Logo is white inside the blue circle) 

Ask, “Hey Siri”

  • Press & hold the Home Button or simply say, “Hey Siri” to open Siri, the voice assistant feature.
  • Next, say, “Turn Off Bluetooth” to disable the iPhone Bluetooth
  • Then, tell, “Turn On Bluetooth” for the device to switch Bluetooth

After completing any one of the above mentioned ways, attempt to get your device paired with Bluetooth earphones to check its functionality. 

#3: Reset Bluetooth Device’s Pairing Mode

Reset Bluetooth Device's Pairing Mode

If your iPhone Bluetooth not working yet, turning off & on the pairing mode on the Bluetooth device is a good option to fix the issue. Moreover, Bluetooth devices themselves have a special button to enable/disable the pairing mode. Look at the following steps below to reset the pairing mode on your Bluetooth devices 

  • Find and locate the pairing switch on your Bluetooth devices like Airpods, speakers, microphones, etc
  • Click on its pairing switch to turn off the pairing mode
  • Hold for a minute to turn it on again

Now, bring the Bluetooth device near your iPhone to get paired. If both the devices get connected, then you can conclude that the problem is with the Bluetooth device itself. But, if you can not establish the connection, it’s time to move on to the following methods.

#4: Remove Bluetooth Device & Reconnect

Remove Bluetooth Device & Reconnect

Forgetting the Bluetooth device on your iPhone removes the history of the device’s previous connections. Now, your iPhone considers those connected devices as fresh ones & taking the default steps to establish a new Bluetooth connection. Follow these steps to forget the Bluetooth device

  • Go to iPhone Settings App
  • Click the “Bluetooth” option
  • Tap on the encircled “i” after your Bluetooth device name
  • Then, click the “Forget This Device” button
  • In the notification, click “Forget Device” option to confirm it
  • Now, open Bluetooth>My Devices to check if the device is removed

After completing these steps, get the Bluetooth device closer to your iPhone. Then, select the device from your iPhone Bluetooth settings to connect the device. Once it gets connected, enjoy using the Bluetooth feature on your iPhone. On the contrary, when the result is not as you expected, continue reading this article to find more solutions.

#5: Do Reset Network Settings

Do Reset Network Settings

Performing Reset Network Settings on your device clears all the saved settings in networks. Reset network settings such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and VPN settings on your iPhone, to fix iPhone Bluetooth not working. Also, it fixes the connectivity issues and wipes out all the bugs in the connection path. Here is how to reset network settings on your iOS device

Note:  Know your Wi-Fi password or Network credentials, which helps you to reconnect after completing Reset Network Settings.

  • Launch iPhone Settings App
  • Click General tab
  • Tap on the “Transfer or Reset iPhone” button
  • Press Reset>Reset Network Settings
  • Provide your Admin Password to complete this method
  • Then, device starts Reset Network Settings
  • Now, your iPhone gets a restart automatically 

Once your iPhone turns on, the network settings on your device have been reset. Hence, enable Bluetooth to check if the iPhone Bluetooth not working is resolved.

#6: Switch To DFU Mode

 Switch To DFU Mode

DFU(Device Firmware Update) restore is the effective method that could fix the iPhone Bluetooth not working. It is necessary to back up all your iPhone’s data to prevent them from losing. Use iTunes or iCloud to create the backup for your device storage. In addition, using the DFU mode on your iPhone has a high risk of voiding your device’s warranty.

To put your iPhone in DFU mode, try the steps below

  • Connect your iPhone to a PC via a USB cable
  • Press & hold the Home and Lock buttons simultaneously
  • Hold them for 8 seconds, then release the Lock key alone (Keep holding down the Home button)
  • The iPhone’s display blanks out when the DFU mode is enabled on your device

#7: Update iPhone’s iOS

Update iPhone's iOS

There are many remarkable benefits in updating your iPhone’s software, clearing the software glitches and enhancing the iPhone processors. This method has the ability to repair your iPhone Bluetooth not working

  • Go to Settings App(on your iPhone)
  • Press the “General” tab
  • Tap “Software Update”  

Click on the updates to download and then install it on your device. You will need a restart for your iPhone after everytime you complete an update. e, and you must restart your iPhone to complete this update.

#8: Do Factory Reset

 Do Factory Reset

The last expedient for your iPhone Bluetooth not working is factory reset, so it is not recommended initially. Factory resetting your iPhone could erase all data on your device, however would fix the Bluetooth issue. Anyways, you can use this technique after the above methods haven’t helped you. 

  • Open Settings on your iPhone
  • Click “General”   
  • Tap on “Reset” button
  • Then, select “Erase All Content & Settings” 
  • Enter your device Password to initiate this method

Once again, check if you have backed up all necessary data to iCloud.

#9: Apple Genius Bar Reservation

apple genious bar reservation

\Even after putting a lot of effort on solving the mess and still come across iPhone Bluetooth not working, you might need technical support. Go to Apple Genius Bar Reservation and get an appointment to fix your Bluetooth issue. Further, you can take your iPhone to the nearby Apple store, and they will fix the issue quickly.   

Frequently Asked Question


How to connect multiple Bluetooth devices to my iPhone?


Bluetooth 5.0 on iPhone 8 allows you to connect more than one Bluetooth device simultaneously. You should modify the settings to set multiple Bluetooth connections for your iPhone. To identify the connecting devices on your iPhone, you can label them by following the steps below

  • Go to Settings
  • Open Bluetooth tab
  • Click the encircled “i” next to the Bluetooth device name
  • Press “Device Type” to select a label


How do I pair the Bluetooth devices to my iPhone? 


Connecting Bluetooth headphones to your iPhone is easier than connecting other Bluetooth devices. To make it simple, use the steps mentioned down

  • Launch iPhone Settings App
  • Click on the “Bluetooth” option
  • Make sure that you’ve enabled the iPhone’s Bluetooth
  • Then, press the Pairing button on your Bluetooth headphones to activate it
  • Get the audio device closer to your iPhone until its name prompts on the iPhone screen
  • Tap “Connect” button


How to reset Bluetooth on my iPhone?


There is no single button to reset your Bluetooth on the iPhone. But following the below steps could do that for you effortlessly

  • Go to Settings on your iPhone
  • Head to the Bluetooth option
  • Tap the encircled “i” next to each device
  • Click Forget This Device to remove them
  • Now, restart your iPhone
  • Toggle on the Bluetooth feature after your device restarts
  • Doing these steps will reset your Bluetooth on the iPhone


Hopefully, the above methods will fix your iPhone Bluetooth not working when the problem is rectifiable. But when the issue with Bluetooth connection gets worse, it is always advisable to have expert support. The above techniques are enlisted to show you the best results for Bluetooth not working iPhone. This write-up identifies the common issues faced by iPhone users while having Bluetooth functions, and it also delivers the perfect fixes for each issue.