iphone microphone not working

14 Methods To Repair The iPhone Microphone Not Working

Are you having trouble with the iPhone microphone not working? Use the techniques given in this article to sort out the issue. As the microphone iPhone not working, you may not access features like phone calls, video recording, Siri, etc.

First, diagnose the problem with the iPhone microphone not working, then try to fix it. Some causes are more relatable for iPhones users worldwide, while others might be suspicious. However, it is essential to find out why the Apple iPhone microphone not working, so you can find the best fix.  

iPhone Microphone Not Working: Know The Culprit

While fixing the microphone not working on iPhone, check the cause for the iPhone’s mic issue. Usually, an iPhone has 3 mics which are placed on the front, back, and bottom of the device. You need to check each microphone in different ways, by the steps mentioned below

  • For the front microphone on iPhone, call any of your friends and check if the iPhone microphone not working
  • Record a video and hear the sound to check whether the back mic is functioning
  • Open a voice recorder app and then start recording your voice. This way, you can test the bottom microphone not working iPhone.

#1: Simple Restart

Simple Restart

Use this simple trick that has been followed over generations to fix digital gadgets not working. Likewise you can mend your apple iphone microphone not working. To restart the iPhone, follow the steps below

  • Press & hold (Volume + Side) keys on your iPhone
  • It prompts the power-off options
  • Slide it to the right 
  • Wait for 30 sec (for the device to turn off)
  • Next, hold the Side button until the Apple Logo appears

Mic on your iPhone is inoperative after finishing these steps, it means that this method doesn’t have enough potential to fix. So move on to the most effective techniques as follows.

#2: Remove The Dust/Dirt From Your iPhone’s Microphone

Remove The Dust/Dirt From Your iPhone's Microphone

Cleaning your iPhone fixes the microphone not working on iPhone, so keep  your device free of dust and debris. Any filth covering the iPhone mics could prevent them from working. iPhone mics are too sensitive to damage, and a sharp tool could easily harm your microphones. So, keep an eye on while cleaning the iPhone microphone, and follow the safety precautions given below

  • Avoid using the blower to blow out the air on iPhone mics, which may induce more dust.
  • Dip cotton swabs into the rubbing alcohol to clean the microphone and its grill
  • Clean the microphone interior gently; force cleaning the mics could damage the hardware


Use only isopropyl alcohol(rubbing alcohol) to clean iPhone mics, as it evaporates quickly and won’t cause issues with electrical circuits. 

#3: Remove iPhone’s Case & Screen Protector

Remove iPhone's Case & Screen Protector

The iPhone’s screen protector and case are used to save the phone from scratches and damages caused by accidental drops. These accessories may block the mics if improperly fit, and lead to the iPhone microphone not working. Remove the iPhone’s case and protector, then check if the issue is resolved.

#4: Disable Bluetooth

 Disable Bluetooth

When Bluetooth is enabled on your iOS device, it allows the external audio output to connect through Bluetooth. This happens most often for many iPhone users and simply turning off the Bluetooth can fix the iPhone microphone not working. To check the Bluetooth status of your device,

  • Swipe down the top-right corner of the iPhone’s home screen to open the Control Centre
  • Next, check if the Bluetooth toggle is turned off

It is always advisable to disable the Bluetooth feature when not in use. You can also see the list of devices connected via Bluetooth by tapping & holding the “Bluetooth” tab.

#5: Restrict Corrupted Apps (Disallow Mic)

Restrict Corrupted Apps (Disallow Mic)

Sometimes, corrupted apps might be the cause of the iPhone microphone not working. Try to avoid using such apps that requires the usage of iPhone’s microphone, and you can follow the steps below 

  • Head to iPhone Settings App
  • Go to the Privacy tab
  • Open Microphone

Toggle off the defective apps which leads the iPhone microphone not working. For iPhones with Face Lock, slide over the iPhone screen(from the bottom to the middle) to open Mic Settings on your iPhone. Next, you can block the defective apps from using mic to get rid of the iPhone microphone not working.

#6: Allow Apps To Access Device’s Microphones

 Allow Apps To Access Device's Microphones

When an app on your iPhone is not allowed to access the Mic, it causes the iPhone microphone not working for that particular app. You must allow the essential apps to access the device’s microphone when needed. You can do that by following the below steps

  • Launch iPhone Settings
  • Open the Application(mic preference)
  • Go to App’s Settings
  • Toggle on the Mic option(to access the iPhone’s Mic)  

#7: iPhone Software Update Or Reset All Settings

 iPhone Software Update Or Reset All Settings

The iPhone microphone not working is mainly due to bugs in the device’s software. Many iPhone users believe that updating the iOS could prevent the microphone not working on iPhone. It’s true to some extent as the latest iOS can clear all bugs with your iPhone and enhance device performance.

When the software update is not effective in fixing the iPhone microphone not working, try restoring the iPhone’s default settings. For instance, custom settings on your iPhone apps can lead to the microphone not working on those apps. By this method, you can reset all the iPhone settings without losing the device’s data. Here’s how you can reset all settings to its defaults 

  • Go to the Settings app on iPhone
  • Open the General tab
  • Tap on the “Transfer or Reset iPhone” option
  • Click the “Reset” button
  • Next, press the “Reset All Settings” tab

Choosing the “Erase All Content & Settings” option is another solution to fix Apple iPhone microphone not working. Below you can find the steps to do this technique on your iPhone

  • Open Settings(iOS device) 
  • Click General tab
  • Press “Transfer Or Reset iPhone” button
  • Select “Erase All Content & Settings” option

#8: Use Alternative Audio Gadgets

Use Alternative Audio Gadgets

Alternatively, use an external audio output device to replace the iPhone microphone not working. You can connect external headphones directly to your iPhone either directly or via Bluetooth. In the meantime, try to rectify the built-in mics on your iPhone by following the methods in this article. 

#9: Get Apple Support

Get Apple Support

There is always a solution to any issue. Likewise, Apple keeps track of the common issues with the iPhone microphone not working to fix it. You need to convey your iPhone issue on the Apple Support page. Once Apple has acknowledged your Apple iPhone microphone not working, they will contact you further for the best support.

Send your products as per the guidelines followed by Apple. They quote the best price for fixing your iPhone microphone not working previously & ask you for the concern. Use payment modes as per the Apple Support page to pay the service charges. Then, you can get your device from Apple, and you can also raise any query on Apple’s service.

If your iPhone is fresh, you can claim a warranty only if there are no cracks on its surface. For further clarifications, go to the “Check Your Service & Support” page to check the eligibility criteria for claiming a warranty.   

#10: Disconnect Other Bluetooth Devices

Disconnect Other Bluetooth Devices

Try to disconnect other Bluetooth devices which are connected to your iPhone. Those devices would result in Bluetooth interference and might cause the iPhone microphone not working.

#11: Force Quit & Restart Apps(Communication Apps)

Force Quit & Restart Apps(Communication Apps)

Sometimes, apps like Skype, WhatsApp, and many others that require mic might suffer a lot from Apple iPhone microphone not working issues. Force quit such apps & launch again to fix mic not working on those apps.   

#12: Turn Off Phone Noise Cancellation

Turn Off Phone Noise Cancellation

Noise Cancellation is a default feature on your iPhone and you can turn it on/off manually. This feature improves voice clarity on phone calls by cancelling the excessive noise from the outside. Hence, enabling the noise cancellation on your iOS device could lead to the iPhone microphone not working. Turn off the iPhone’s Noise Cancellation by following the steps below

  • Go to iPhone Settings
  • Click General tab
  • Tap on the Accessibility option
  • Press Audio/Visual button
  • Check if the Phone Noise Cancellation is turned off

#13: Use DFU Mode In Your iPhone

Use DFU Mode In Your iPhone

One more method for repairing the Apple iPhone microphone not working is a DFU(Device Firmware Update). Through this update you can level up all the firmware on your device. Get along with the following steps to pursue this method  

  • Connect the iPhone to your Mac(macOS)
  • Open the Finder tab
  • Press & hold both volume buttons for 8 sec until your iPhone model appears in the Finder
  • Release the buttons, and you can see the black screen on your iPhone’s display

The black screen indicates that you’ve successfully enabled the DFU mode on your iOS device. If not, retry the above steps until your device gets switched to DFU Mode. 

#14: Force Reboot

Force Reboot

Are you tired of trying all the above fixes? Here is a last technique for fixing your iPhone microphone not working. Unlike usual restart, force restarting your iPhone involves some button combinations to perform this method. Try this method to wipe out all the malware and errors in the iPhone’s software. 

iPhones with Home Buttons:

  • Press the Power + Home buttons simultaneously
  • It pops up with the Apple logo (on the iPhone Screen)

Face ID iPhones:

  • Tap “Volume Up & Down” + Side buttons simultaneously
  • Hold until the Apple logo appears on your iPhone


If you still need help in fixing the iPhone microphone, try to contact Apple experts. However, use this article to fix the microphone not working iPhone. Remember that you must diagnose what is causing the iPhone mics issue first. Then, it is easier for you to find a suitable fix for your iPhone microphone not working. This quick guide might have a high chance to get the best results for your iOS device’s issue.