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Why Is My Mac Fan So Loud? 10 Easy Fixes

MacBooks are capable of handling power-intensive tasks with more smoothness. The combination of hardware and software makes the Mac run efficiently and user-friendly. However, it also has flaws when undergoing heavy tasks for longer. The Mac users face a common issue of getting loud noise when users perform their work. The reason for the vast noise is due to the presence of the Mac’s cooling fan. These inbuilt fans help the Mac to maintain its internal temperature by drawing the heat away from the device. 

Unnoticing the issue, “fan on my Mac so loud,” for an extended period damages the device’s hardware. However, if you find yourself in a place: “Why is my Mac fan so loud,” we are here to guide you!

Why Is My Mac Fan So Loud?

Macs have an inbuilt temperature sensor that detects the heat inside the device. Usually, these fans make the sound while running to cool the system. Unfortunately, when the system overheats, it causes the Mac fan so loud all of a sudden. Macs make noise when running larger applications in the system. In some situations, if you don’t use the MacBook correctly, it makes the fan so loud and hot on the Mac. For example: Keeping the Mac on your lap or placing it on the blanket interferes with Mac’s cooling fans. 

The following might be the few reasons for the computer fan so loud mac problem. Let’s have a brief look at them!

Blockage Of The Mac’s Vents

Blockage Of The Mac's Vents

When the cooling fan works, the presence of an air vent on the device allows it to take the cool and release the hot air. The air vents on Mac are available on the side or at the back edge. Blocking these vents increases the heat and results in the Mac fan so loud.

Mac Has Heavy Processing Tasks

Mac Has Heavy Processing Tasks

Performing complicated tasks like playing a video or games and converting large files into batches generates more heat, causing the Mac laptop fan so loud. This is normal because the cooling fan on Mac is performing its task to maintain the system’s temperature at its normal condition. 

Fan’s Physical Problems

Fan's Physical Problems

Using the Mac for years might allow their cooling fans to perform abnormally like the fan in my Mac so loud. Also, if you have dropped the Mac by mistake, it leads to the irregular function of the Mac’s fan and impels the Mac fan so loud.   

High Ambient Temperature

High Ambient Temperature

As you know, Mac’s vent exchanges the cool and hot air from the surroundings to the system. If the surrounding temperature is humid, the air vent on Mac takes that air and makes the cooling fan run faster, producing loud noise. 

Why is my Mac fan so loud – 10 Fixes!

Fix 1. Is Mac Fan So Loud? Examine CPU Usage On Mac

 Is Mac Fan So Loud? Examine CPU Usage On Mac

Browser is a well-known application that reduces Mac’s CPU performance because it loads more tasks and activities. In addition to that, multitasking gradually decreases CPU processes and makes Mac computer fans so loud.

Moreover, it is essential to close the graphics-intensive apps like Lightroom CS5 when not in use. But, if you are unaware of what is triggering the Mac fan so loud, you can check the CPU usage by the activity monitor. Here are the steps to execute for the identification of resource-eating programs:

  • Open the “Activity Monitor” on the MacBook
  • Choose “Applications” → “Utilities”
  • It gives you a list of all active tasks and apps. From it, you can view the heavy programs that consume more CPU memory.
  • Click the unwanted tabs and press the “X” sign to quit from it.

Fix 2. Inspect Hardware Problem

 Inspect Hardware Problem

Damaged components generate excessive heat and result in the Mac fan running so loud. Further, Macs have inbuilt heat sensors which notify the fan to spin faster when it produces extreme heat. If these sensors on the device broke, it might make the Mac fan so loud. 

Follow the steps to run Apple diagnostic on Intel Mac:

  • Switch on the Mac 
  • Now, press & hold the “D” key
  • Hold the key until the list of languages appear
  • Select the language according to your preferences
  • It automatically runs the Apple diagnostic and gives you the result at the end

Here is how to execute Apple diagnostic on M1 Mac:

  • Press and hold the “Power” button to turn on the MacBook
  • After viewing the start icon, liberate the “Power” buttons
  • Then, long press the keys “Cmd + D” to load Apple diagnostics

Fix 3. Make Sure Vents Are Clear:

Make Sure Vents Are Clear:

Most people select the couch or bed as their comfortable place to use Mac. But these areas may contain blankets, carpets, pillows, and other materials blocking air circulation. Therefore your device heats up quickly, resulting in the Mac fan so loud. The position of air ventilation depends on the MacBook models given below:

  • MacBook Pro has their vents on the back or its side edges
  • The vents on the MacBook Air are along the back edge

It is best to keep the device at the desk or table when working with your Mac. You can overcome the Mac fan so loud issue by buying a portable table to keep it safe. Keeping an eye on Mac’s air ventilation regularly helps to avoid Mac fan so loud. If you notice any dust particles on the vent, immediately take the device to the nearest technician to remove it. 

Note: It is a high risk when trying to remove the dirt particles by yourself because blowing it might drive the dust deep inside the computer.

Fix 4. Reset SMC To Fix Mac Fan So Loud

 Reset SMC To Fix Mac Fan So Loud

System Management Controller (SMC) is responsible for finding and fixing issues on Mac’s physical and hardware components. The hardware components include cooling fans, status lights, a power supply, and more. SMC is important because it maintains the system’s performance and stability. One possible solution to overcome the Mac fan so loud and hot is to reset SMC settings. Based on Mac’s model, the steps to perform SMC resetting are listed below.

MacBooks with T2 chips:

  • Shut down the Mac and remove the adapter
  • Press and hold the “Left control + left option + right shift” key at once for 7 seconds on your keyboard
  • Now, hold the “Power button” for 10 seconds by holding with the keys mentioned above
  • Switch on the MacBook

MacBooks with M1 chips:

  • Turn off the MacBook and close it for 30 seconds
  • Then, power up the Mac

MacBooks without T2 or M1 Chips:

  • First, switch off the Mac 
  • Then, disconnect the adapter
  • Press and hold “Left control + left option + left shift key + power” button for 10 seconds on your keyboard
  • Now, activate MacBook

MacBook With Removable Battery:

  • Power down your device
  • Detach the adapter and battery
  • Long press and hold the “Power key” for 5 seconds on the keyboard
  • Now, place the battery and switch on the MacBook

Fix 5. Examine Ambient Temperature

Examine Ambient Temperature

Ambient temperature plays an essential role in the Mac fan’s responsiveness. If the surrounding is too hot, your Mac receives a hot temperature and makes the Mac fan so loud. The researchers say that the ideal external temperature for a MacBook ranges between 50° to 95 °. Experts recommend operating the Mac in humidity conditions from 0% to 95%. You can use air conditioning when living in hot weather.

If your room temperature is too high, open the windows to reduce the heat. Keeping the desk fan near the Mac is also suggested to cool it down. 

Fix 6. Is Mac Fan So Loud? Clean Mac

Is Mac Fan So Loud? Clean Mac

Cleaning the Mac might fix the Mac computer fan so loud. Try to remove unwanted folders like large attachments, screenshots, junk files, and more. Keeping those unwanted files will not only occupy the storage but also slows down the system’s performance.

Experiencing Mac fan so loud? Clean the Mac by the steps given below:

  • At the top left corner of the Mac’s screen, tap the “Apple Menu icon.”
  • From the list, choose “About this Mac” and then click the “Manage” option
  • It gives you the overall storage consumption on the particular category, including photos, videos, messages, and more
  • Also, check out other data that consumes the storage
  • Now, clean up the files that are not necessary

Fix 7. Reset NVRAM


Non Volatile Random Access Memory stores the system information that can be accessed quickly. So, if the NVRAM stores a lot of data, it enhances the system temperature and makes the Mac fan so loud. Thus, resetting the NVRAM frequently improves Mac’s fan performance. Below are the steps to reset NVRAM:

  • First, shut down the MacBook.
  • When it is powered off entirely, press the “Power button.”
  • After hearing the start sound, immediately hold the “Option + Command + P + R” buttons.
  • Don’t release these buttons until the system starts fully.

Fix 8. Check Malware

Check Malware

Malware alters a few system settings and makes Mac laptop fans so loud by increasing the load on the system processor. The MacBook report says that hackers could transfer the device’s information through sound waves. Modulating Mac’s fan vibration helps in collecting the device information. In order to avoid such situations, install a good antivirus application and keep it updated. Scan the malware programs by the following methods:

  • Download and install the available antivirus program on your device.
  • Tap “Start” scan.
  • Now, the antivirus app starts to scan the Mac files & apps.
  • If it detects any malicious software, select and remove it permanently.

Fix 9. Update OS

 Update OS

Generally, outdated software is more likely to face overheating problems and results in Mac fans so loud. Updating the operating system solves Mac fan so loud as it brings security & system-related fixes, bug fixes, and more. Hence updating the latest software solves the fan on my Mac so loud. Here is how to update MacOS on your device:

  • Tap the “Apple icon” placed at the top left corner of the Mac’s screen.
  • Select “System Preferences.”
  • If the new versions are available for your device, download and install it.

Fix 10. Replace Thermal Paste

Replace Thermal Paste

Replacing the thermal paste is the simplest and easiest way to fix the Mac fan run so loud. The main aim of this paste is to emit the heat produced from the device. Even if the cooling fan fails to manage the temperature, thermal paste works best to maintain the system’s temperature. 

The thermal paste fills the air gaps and helps us to keep away from the heat accumulation at the air vents. Your fan returns to normal working condition by controlling the insulating factor.


The loud Mac fan might be frustrating when you attend an online meeting and do the work. By now, you would have known the reasons and solutions for “Why is my Mac fan so loud?” Before replacing the device, try the above-mentioned tips to solve the Mac fan so loud. Also, regularly examine the device from malware using the available antivirus program.