Best Fixes For “Move To iOS Not Working” – With Simple & Easy Methods

It is pretty hard to swap from an Android device to an iPhone without the help of the Move to iOS app. Anyhow, you might notice bugs in Android and iPhone devices that cause Move to iOS not working. Before knowing the root causes and fixes for solving the issue, you must know about the Move to iOS app and its uses. 

The Move to iOS is specially designed by Apple for users to automatically switch their data safe from an Android device to an iPhone. This app can move all valuable data from your device like 

  • calendars, 
  • contacts, 
  • mail accounts,
  • messages, 
  • photos, 
  • videos, 
  • web bookmarks

This article will teach you all the possible causes for the Move to iOS app not working and its effective fixes. Also, check for these five crucial factors below before finding solutions for “why is Move to iOS not working?”

Check For These Before Fixing “Move To iOS Not Working”

Before transforming the data from your Android to your iPhone device, go through these five fundamental suggestions. Before starting to solve the issue of the Move to iOS app not working, ensure

  • Your Android device runs on Android 4.0 or later, and the iOS device operates on iOS 9.0 or later versions.
  • Both Android and iPhone devices are linked with the same Wi-Fi network (Note: 2.4 GHz & 5 GHz are different networks even when present in the same house)

  • The content from your Android device must fit to the iPhone, including the external SD card memory.

  • Ensure full charge on both devices

  • The “Move to iOS” app sticks with your Android device and may cause an interruption in moving the files when you receive a phone call.

Reasons For “Why Is Move To iOS Not Working?”

You might want to know the reasons for your trouble when the Move to iOS not working on your device. Here are three main reasons this article shares with you, and make notes of it to overcome the problems of the Move to iOS app not working

Storage Insufficiency

Storage Insufficiency

Firstly, you may run out of storage, showing that you have used up your mobile memory to the maximum. Moreover, not only the memory usage, even the apps and your device’s cache memory might result in storage insufficiency. Additionally, when you have a low-storage device, you may find it hard to transfer your data. These conditions will put you in a situation where your Move to iOS app not working

Problematic Network Connectivity

Problematic Network Connectivity

Secondly, when both of your devices are not connected to the same network, you will have to face Move to iOS not working. Also, be aware that when speaking about network issues, it includes a slow network, weak Wi-Fi signal, issues with physical connectivity, faulty hardware, etc. 

Interrupted Transfer

Interrupted Transfer

Thirdly, you might receive phone calls or automatic updates when transferring data via the Move to iOS app. There are possible occurrences of your device falling into sleeping mode after a long duration of being ideal. Thus, the app might start the transfer from scratch every time after an interrupted session. Therefore, be aware to avoid interruptions during the data transfer that might cause you Move to iOS not working situations.

How To Rectify The “Move To iOS” App Not Working?

Ensure An Effective Wi-Fi Connectivity

Ensure An Effective Wi-Fi Connectivity

The Move to iOS app depends on a private network connection for data transfer, and the other external Wi-Fi connections might ruin the entire data switching. When you transfer data using the Move to iOS app, your iPhone device automatically develops a private Wi-Fi connection. Make sure to disconnect your Android device from any Wi-Fi connections by forgetting all current Wi-Fi networks. This makes your Android device to be readily paired with the new Wi-Fi connectivity. The iPhone searches for the nearby Android device that runs the “Move to iOS” app to generate the security code. After you enter the received security code on your Android device, the data transfer starts moving to your iPhone.

Note: If you think that any application on your Android device might interrupt your Wi-Fi network ( e.g., VPS apps), uninstall it before you start the data transfer. 

Track Your Device’s Storage Space

As discussed earlier in this article, your device’s storage space might impact Move to iOS not working. Generally, you must have sufficient storage on your iPhone to contain all data from the Android. If you find low storage memory on your iPhone, clear up the space by deleting unwanted files, or else try to transfer only essential data from your Android device.

Security Code Error

Security Code Error

When transferring data via the Move to iOS app, your iPhone builds a private Wi-Fi network and connects with your Android. You will then receive a security code from your device. This is where problematic situations arise, as many people enter incorrect security codes that leave them questioning, “why is Move to ios not working?”. It is highly recommended that you enter the correct security code as received on your iPhone device. For instance, you might get a code as “iOS aJ347”. Be aware that your security code is case-sensitive, and enter the correct format on your device. Also, ensure you give space between the iOS and the other codes. 

Turn On Airplane Mode To Avoid Move To iOS App Not Working

You might use the Airplane Mode on both devices to prevent interferences in your network connectivity. This mode helps you by neglecting a new mobile network or any other network connection from the surrounding. After completing the transfer, you might turn off the Airplane mode. To turn on the Airplane mode, follow the procedure given below.

For iPhone Devices:

For iPhone Devices:

  • Open the Control Center by swiping up on your device.

  • Click on the Airplane or the flight mode to turn it on.

For Android Devices:

For Android Devices:

  • Open the Notification by swiping your Android device to view the shortcuts.

  • Locate the Airplane mode icon

  • Now, Turn On Wi-Fi on your Android device (With Airplane mode still On) for both devices to connect and transfer the data via the private Wi-Fi network.

Turn Off Your Mobile Data

Turn Off Your Mobile Data

If you are looking for a solution to the Move to iOS app not working, check whether your mobile data is turned on. Your mobile data interrupts the transfer, as you only need a private Wi-Fi network. On your Android device, switch off the “Smart Network Switch” option to enhance the connectivity with your iPhone. To turn off the option, follow the steps

  • Open Settings on your Android device and then navigate to the Connections

  • Move further to More Networks and then to Mobile Networks.

  • Turn off the “Connections Optimizer” option.

  • Go back to the Wi-Fi settings and disable the “Smart Network Switch” option (if found)

  • Rejoin the Wi-Fi network and try transferring via the Move to iOS app.

Ensure For Compatibility On Your Devices

Ensure For Compatibility On Your Devices

Similar to other apps on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store, mobile devices must be compatible with the app’s new version. The Move to iOS app not working is caused when it does not support versions other than Android 4.0 or later and iOS 9 or later. Plug your devices into the power supply to avoid switch-off problems, as it might take a long time to finish the transfer. To check your OS version on Android and iPhone, stick to the following steps.

On iPhone devices:

  • Move to the Settings option and then to General 
  • Then navigate to the About menu, where you will find your software version.

On Android devices:

  • Open Settings and then to the About menu (located at the bottom of Settings)
  • You may view the software version displayed on the screen.

When you find both the device’s versions are compatible and preferable for transfer (versions as mentioned above), you are on the right track, so continue with the other steps to transfer the data.

Restarting Your Devices

A standard method while troubleshooting any mobile device is by restarting your devices. Move to ios not working connection error can be rectified by restarting your Android and iPhone devices. This restart helps remove the cache and bugs in the mobile devices to regularize the data transfer between the devices. To restart the devices, follow the below steps.

On Android devices

On Android devices

  • Press & hold your mobile’s Power button. 

  • Tap on the Restart button from the Power menu, and the mobile restarts automatically.

On iPhone devices

On iPhone devices

  • Over the “Slide to Power off” on the power menu, swipe down to the Power button.

  • And then restart your iPhone manually.

Restarting Your iPhone Device

If you notice the Move to iOS app not working before any interruptions or failures in the process, it may not be easy to resume from scratch. This might be due to the part of the data that hangs on your iPhone device that shuffles the data transfer process. In such cases, a factory reset is one effective method to bring back efficient data transfer. Factory reset brings your iPhone to the default condition erasing all the data from your device. So, before starting the factory reset, backup all your data securely and turn off the iCloud. To factory reset your iPhone, follow the simple steps

  • Tap on Settings on your iPhone

  • Scroll down to click on the General menu

  • Again scroll below and tap on the Reset option.

  • Select “Erase All Content and Settings” on the reset screen

  • Enter the passcode that is set on your iPhone(only if prompted)

  • A warning message displays showing that all the data and settings from your phone will be removed

  • Tap on Erase and continue

  • It might take a few minutes to erase data from your device. 

  • Your iPhone restarts after this process and will be reset to the default settings.

Use iCloud

Use iCloud

When you are not ready to move on with the third-party apps, you might try to find a solution by moving your data to iCloud. Anyhow, using iCloud, you can upload only certain types of data, like photos and documents. This is how to can do it

  • Open the iCloud on your Android device by using Apple’s ID

  • Upload the data to the cloud-based storage

When you are trying to upload a photo, try following the below steps

  • Navigate to the Photos app

  • Click on the cloud logo (with an arrow pointing upwards) from the Menu.

You might not have an Apple ID if you are new to Apple. Fortunately, you can still create one without even using your iPhone. Here’s what you must do to create an Apple ID

  • Open iTunes and then move to Account on the Menu bar

  • Click Sign In and then reach “Create New Apple ID.”

Update Your Firmware

Update Your Firmware

You might be aware as the data transfer will require specific OS versions on your devices. Older iOS or Android versions might have potential bugs that cause Move to iOS not working. Therefore, developers regularly release updates for the system to fix it. To update your firmware, stick to the steps below.

On an Android Device

  • Open Settings 

  • Tap on About phone

  • Check for updates and start updating.

On Your iPhone device

  • Open the Settings menu

  • Move to the General option.

  • Then click on Software update. 

Contact Apple Support System

When neither of the steps given above in this article could fix the move to iOS app not working, you can always opt for getting help from Apple. You can receive expert support from Apple on any issues related to their products. Go for an online suggestion from Apple Support team or book your appointment from the nearby Apple Store. If you choose their online mode, visit their website and then Contact Apple Support for Help. Then click on the product you wish to enquire and briefly describe your issues with the product. Choose the Genius bar appointment and select your preferred Apple store, date and time for getting the suggestions


To conclude, you would have gained a sound knowledge of your device’s Move to iOS app now and its uses for data transfer. In addition, you could have found all the possible reasons behind “Why is Move to iOS not working?”. Not only about the reasons, you might now understand these simple but effective techniques given in this article that can help you to resolve the trouble.