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18 Amazing Techniques to Fix No Internet Secured Windows 10 Error

If you find a no internet, secured error on your computer when connecting to the wi-fi network, it is definitely an unfavourable situation. Even when you’re often seeing the problematic status of the network, try to refresh your wi-fi network. You can do it by disconnecting & reconnecting again to that same wi-fi connection. However, this trick won’t work for no internet secured on your PC when the problem is a little complicated.

There are more aspects in accessing the wi-fi network connection on your Windows 10 computer. They are strong signal strength, accessing range, good power supply, etc. Fortunately, you have this article as the best resource for fixing your PC showing no internet, secured on a wi-fi connection.

Possible Reasons For No Internet Secured Issue

First, check whether your device is solemnly experiencing the connection issue with your wi-fi network or the problem exists on all the connected devices. The reason behind the no internet secured might be either the wi-fi network or your Windows 10 computer. When you find the problem is only with your device use the following methods to get it fixed.

Here Is How To Fix “No Internet, Secured” Error

You can use your computer’s basic settings to rectify the wi-fi network showing no internet secured status on your Windows 10 PC. You should follow the below methods to modify your device settings.

Clear DNS Cache & Reset Network Configurations

Clear DNS Cache & Reset Network Configurations

Remove all the cache files on your device, and try to reset Network Settings. Corrupted DNS cache files might cause the network to show a “no internet, secured” status. 

  • Press Windows + X keys to access the System settings
  • Select Windows PowerShell (Admin) tab
  • Tap “Yes” button to proceed with this Settings
  • Type the following commands in the box which prompts on the Windows

“ipconfig/flushdns, ipconfig/release, ipconfig/renew, netsh winsock reset, and netsh int ip reset” 

Lastly, click the “Enter” key after typing the command, and also reboot your Windows 10 PC at the end of every command.

Windows 10 Network Reset

Windows 10 Network Reset

In contrast to the factory reset, the network reset will only erase all the saved settings of your system network connections. After completing the network reset on your computer, you can connect to the wi-fi network by providing the valid credentials. 


Try to note down all your wi-fi credentials because the network reset will clear all the saved passwords and wi-fi names on your system.

  • Go to Settings on your Windows 10 laptop
  • Open “Network & Internet” tab
  • Tap on Status> Network Reset
  • Click “Reset” button

Doing this method will erase all network settings on your Windows 10 PC effectively and then your device starts to reboot. Now, you can connect your system to the wi-fi network and check whether it is working.

Modify Your Network Properties

    Modify Your Network Properties

    Make sure that the network equipment is compatible with your locality where you’re using your Windows 10 computer. It may be the office or home, and you must set your network configurations to avoid no internet, secured status on a wi-fi network.

    • Right-click the “Start” menu
    • Tap on “Network Connections”
    • Click “Change Adapter Options” button
    • Then, double-click the “Wi-fi” option to open the “Properties” of “Network Adapter”

    Now you can see the list of properties, make sure that you’ve checked the following properties mentioned below

    • Client for Microsoft Networks
    • File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks
    • QoS Packet Scheduler
    • Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)
    • Microsoft LLDP Protocol Driver
    • Link-Layer Topology Discovery Responder
    • Link-Layer Topology Discovery Mapper I/O Driver

    Note: Untick “Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6)”, which might cause the “no internet secured” error on your laptop.

    Meanwhile, after modifying network configurations on your Windows 10 PC, see if your computer’s no internet secured status is sorted.

    Provide The Perfect DNS Server Addresses

    provide The Perfect DNS Server Addresses

    The DNS (Domain Name System) is the database that translates the domain name to the URL (Uniform Resource Locator). The DNS server includes eight steps to transfer the domain name to the IP address you’ve entered on the search engine. Sometimes, errors in the DNS server prevent your Windows 10 laptop from accessing the internet, which shows a “no internet, secured” message.

    Follow the below steps to alter DNS server addresses, 

    • Press Windows + X keys> Network Connections
    • Open “Change Adapter Options” tab
    • Double-click on wi-fi to Network Adapter Properties
    • Find & locate the “Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)” and double-click on it
    • Go to “General” tab

    Now, you can provide the following DNS server addresses

    • For Preferred DNS server>
    • For Alternate DNS server>
    • Then, tap “OK” button

    At the end of this method, check whether the no internet secured error on your Windows is resolved. If not, you can modify the signal speed of the wi-fi network to get the internet back. 

    Set Wi-fi Speed To 2.4Ghz To Fix No Internet Secured Windows 10

    Set Wi-fi Speed To 2.4Ghz To Fix No Internet Secured Windows 10

    First, you must try the above methods before entering into this technique for fixing no internet secured issue on your Windows 10 PC. Nowadays, PCs or laptops can connect to both the 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz wi-fi networks. An update on the device driver or firmware could result in no internet secured problem on your laptop.

    • Tap on “Windows + X” keys
    • Then, Click “Network Connections” tab
    • Open “Wi-Fi” Status(by double-click on the Wi-Fi)
    • Click on “Properties” option
    • Tap on “Configure” button under wi-fi properties
    • Then, select the “Advanced” tab
    • Under the “Value:”, choose 802.11n/ac mode & set it as Disabled
    • Tap “Ok” to save changes on your Windows 10 wi-fi Network Configurations

    Now, your device connects to the 2.4 Ghz network, so there is a high chance for no internet secured problem to be solved. To get better results for your system’s internet connectivity issue, revert the WLAN driver to its early version.

    Set Position For Wi-fi Network Router

    Set Position For Wi-fi Network Router

    When you’re too far from the wi-fi router, your Windows 10 laptop net connectivity gets retardation showing “no internet, secured” error. Probably, your computer gets connected to the internet but can’t access the wi-fi network. 

    Set up the wi-fi router nearer to the PC or move your computer to the wi-fi range. Generally, place your wi-fi router at the centre of your home to access more network-oriented devices. 

    Wi-fi ranges between 150 feet to 45 metres (2.4Ghz), so ensure that you’re within this range to access the wi-fi network. In addition, you can use a wi-fi extender to expand the network farther up to 50 metres. 

    Revert Driver Update

    Revert Driver Update

    If your laptop is not connected to the internet, updating your device’s network adapter is quite challenging. Reinstalling your network adapter is one of the possible ways to fix no internet secured issue on your system’s internet connection. In this method, you need to uninstall the network adapter & reboot your laptop. Windows will get an automatic reinstallation of the Network Adapter after restarting your system. Here’s how to roll over the driver update

    • Click on Windows + X keys
    • Open the “Device Manager” tab
    • Tap on the”>” symbol after the Network Adapters to Expand it
    • Right-Click on the Wireless network adapter to open its options
    • Then, tap “Uninstall device” option
    • Now, restart your Windows 10 laptop & test for the internet connection

    You can also update the driver instead of this method to fix “no internet, secured” error on your windows 10 PC.

    • Download the updated driver on another computer with a good internet connection
    • Use a USB drive to copy the files(Updated driver)
    • Connect that USB drive(Pendrive) to your existing Windows 10 laptop
    • Try to install the driver update on your PC

    Now, you can check if the issue of no internet secured error on your system is resolved. If not, proceed with the “Roll Back Driver” option to revert the current device driver update.

    Turn Off Network Sharing On Wi-fi

    Turn Off Network Sharing On Wi-fi

    Setting a network adapter to share wi-fi could be the reason for no internet secured error on your Windows 10 computer. In addition, using Hotspot for network sharing might block the system’s internet connection.

    Try to remove or disable any third-party software by modifying the settings on your Network adapter as given below

    • Tap on “Windows + X” keys simultaneously
    • Select the “Network Connections” tab
    • Press “Change Adapter Options” button
    • Double-click the “wi-fi Network”
    • Click on “Properties”
    • Untick the non-Microsoft software 

    Now, restart your PC to check if this technique is successful on your windows 10 laptop. In the next topic, you have to check the network speed on your device & also go through the steps to fix the bug(Windows 10[2004]).   

    Clear Windows 10(2004) Bug

    Clear Windows 10(2004) Bug

    You can check your laptop’s internet connection by opening the URL: When your computer has a good wi-fi connection, then the Microsoft Connect test result will be positive.

    Windows 10(2004) is an error that causes no internet, secured status on your PC. If your device is still running on this bug, use the below-mentioned steps to fix it

    • Click Windows + R keys simultaneously to launch windows Run
    • Enter “regedit” and click “ok” button
    • Then provide the location as: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\NlaSvc\Parameters\Internet
    • Switch to 1 on the “EnableActiveProbing”

    After completing these steps, reboot the Windows 10 system and check if the no internet, secured status clears out.

    Uninstall Anti-Virus Software

    Uninstall Anti-Virus Software

    Third-party softwares like McAfee, Kaspersky, Avast, etc., as browser security could prevent device’s internet connections. Try to remove these software from the device and see for the current status of the no internet secured issue.

    Modify Power Saver Options

    Modify Power Saver Options

    Enabling the power saving mode on your Windows 10 laptop, restricts your device from the wi-fi connections to save energy. You must alter your system’s power settings to get rid of no internet secured complaint.

    • Tap on “Windows + X” keys
    • Open “Power Options”
    • Click on “Additional Power Settings” tab
    • Then, press “Edit Plan Settings” button
    • Select the “Change Advanced Settings”
    • Expand the “Wireless Adapter Settings” to see “Power Saving Mode” options
    • Set it as Maximum Performance on both “Plugged in” & “On battery”
    • At the same time, set “PCI Express” configurations as same as “Wireless Adapter Settings”
    • Tap “Apply” and close all the tabs.

    Look At The Network Equipments

    Look At The Network Equipments

    When you see no internet secured error on all connected devices, then the problem is with your wi-fi router. Simply restart your wi-fi network to fix it. 

    • Unplug the power cord of wi-fi router
    • Replug the router into Power Supply after 10 seconds
    • Wait until the router to restart completely (up to 5 minutes)
    • Again, turn off the router & wait for up to 10 seconds
    • Now, power on the router (leave the router for 5 minutes to fully reset)
    • Next, try to connect your Windows 10 laptop to this wi-fi network

    Refresh The Wi-fi Network

    Refresh The Wi-fi Network

    If you have established a new wi-fi network on your PC, Windows saves the details of that network configuration. Your device will automatically connect to the same network while trying to connect to the corresponding wifi connection. Sometimes, changing the configurations of your wi-fi network may lead to no internet secured error on your Windows 10 laptop. Such changes in wi-fi name, speed, and maximum connections might cause errors in internet connection.

    You must delete the previous connection history and then connect again to the wi-fi network. In this way, you can refresh the network connection on your Windows 10 laptop.

    • Open the Device’s Settings App
    • Go to Network & Internet
    • Select wi-fi> Manage Known Networks
    • Tap on your wi-fi connection and press “Forget” button
    • Wait a minute to establish the network again

    Check Connection Modes: Wireless Or Wired

    Check Connection Modes: Wireless Or Wired

    Still, facing the no internet secured error on your system? It’s time to diagnose the mode of network connection. Use LAN cable for the internet on your computer, and you will find the best results. There might be a problem with the hardware involved in the wireless connection. Take your network equipment & laptop to the experts to troubleshoot the issue. 

    Set Up: Wi-fi Router

    Set Up: Wi-fi Router

    Before concluding that your router has a hardware issue, try this simple method to mend the wi-fi router. At the same time, ensure to disable the DHCP(Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol)

    • Look at the channel of your wi-fi network
    • Set it to channel 6(2.4Ghz) or 44(5Ghz) [Recommended]

    You can also update the wi-fi router’s firmware by following the steps below

    • Use an ethernet cable to connect your router to the computer(having good internet)
    • Open the router’s brand manufacturer’s site to download a firmware update
    • Log into “Website Management Page” of your Router
    • Download the updated firmware 
    • Restart your wi-fi router to update the wi-fi router firmware

    Turn Off Your Device’s VPN

    Turn Off Your Device's VPN

    You can establish a Virtual Private Network (VPN) on your computer to secure it from malware while connecting to public networks. Sometimes, enabling a VPN on your Windows 10 laptop might disturb the network connection. However, the VPN network will lead to no internet secured problem on your PC that might be the worst-case scenario.

    Try to disable the VPN on your system to repair no internet secured error. If you find the “no internet secured” error is still persisting on your Windows, you may conclude that the problem is with the VPN network. You can download the third-party VPN software from online.

    Take Advantage Of Internet Troubleshooters

    Take Advantage Of Internet Troubleshooters

    Windows 10 manages to run multiple tasks at the same time. So, it is inevitable to have technical errors & software bugs on your Windows 10 laptop. Microsoft provides troubleshooters in order to fix the no internet secured error on your Windows 10 PC. To know how to use these tools on your computer, following the steps will guide you

    • Head to your System Settings Application
    • Click on “Update & Security” tab
    • Search for the “Troubleshoot” option & Click it
    • Then, tap on “Additional Troubleshooters”
    • Now, you can run troubleshoot on Internet Connections & Network Adapters

    After troubleshooting your system network issue, try to reconnect your wi-fi network and check for its functionality. If there are no results found on your Troubleshooter tab, then move on to the further methods.

    Contact Your ISP Or A Repair Shop

    Contact Your ISP Or A Repair Shop

    After trying the above methods & still having no internet secured error on your personal computer, it is time to contact your ISP(Internet Service Provider). Network outages, bugs in the connection path, and not paying your internet bills would result in PC network issues.You can contact the most popular ISPs, like Verizon, Optimum, Spectrum, Comcast, etc., to fix your laptop’s network issues. The network providers will diagnose the issue and get you a solution. However, you may get a replacement wi-fi router from your ISP. 


    What does no internet secured mean?

    It means your windows 10 computer can’t access the preferred wi-fi network. But it shows as the network is connected to your system. Use any of the above methods to fix no internet secured complaint on your Windows 10 computer.

    How to fix no internet secured error on my computer?

    • Click Windows + X keys simultaneously
    • Tap on “PowerShell (Admin)” option
    • Enter “ipconfig/flushdns” in the box
    • Or Else, follow the effective steps on this article to fix it

    How can I uninstall my wi-fi network adapter?

    • Right-click on the Windows 10 Start Menu
    • Go to Device Manager
    • Click on the “>” before Network Adapter to expand its options
    • Find and locate the driver & right-click to uninstall it
    • Restart your laptop


    To get the best results, try to do each method in this article which could fix no internet, secured error on your Windows 10 PC. Use another wi-fi connection instead of the regular network to check what is causing no internet secured issue. Moreover, this entire content comprises the fixes for issues with your PC & wi-fi router. Using these methods, you can solemnly fix the network problems in your Windows 10 laptop/PC.