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How To Fix This Network Is Blocking Encrypted Dns Traffic Errors On iPhone

This Network Is Blocking Encrypted Dns Traffic

Apple OS generally supports the encrypted DNS from iOS 14, which prevents your browsing history from hackers. A blocked encryption network will cause your device to pop up a “this network is blocking encrypted DNS traffic error” message. This error indicates your accessing network is monitored and recorded by others.

Unsurprisingly these kinds of errors might frighten you, but there is nothing to worry about the issue.  The specific website security standards are lower than Apple’s security requirements. New changes in your OS are another reason for this error occurring in an already connected network. This article guides you through what is meant by this network is blocking encrypted DNS traffic and provides various methods to resolve it within a minute. 

What Is Meant By Dns Traffic?

 Dns Traffic

DNS stands for Domain Name System, which is the internet’s phonebook. The main objective of DNS is to convert web domain names into numerical values. It detects the website and makes them load correctly in the web browser. Most DNS servers relate to internet service providers having access to monitor your traffic. And also to examine the connecting URLs only if your traffic is not encrypted. 

What Is Meant By This Network Blocking Encrypted DNS Traffic?

Apple Inc has included encrypted DNS traffic to protect the user’s privacy since iOS 14. It aids in covering up your browsing activities from others. Few Internet service providers sell DNS traffic to marketing companies. Later, they block the DNS encryption and redirect you to fake sites to steal your credentials. So, the iOS displays that this network is blocking encrypted DNS traffic alerts to avoid this situation. 

Restart Your Mobile And Router

In most cases, restarting the mobile would fix your device’s bugs and minor issues. 

This closes all the background running apps, clears the memory &  improves the phone’s performance. Rebooting the router is the first troubleshooting method to fix internet connectivity and other minor errors. So, turn off the router, wait for a few seconds, and then turn it on again. The above process solves this network is blocking encrypted DNS traffic errors on your device. 

Forget The Network And Reconnect Newly

The basic way to fix this network is blocking encrypted DNS traffic errors, is by forgetting and reconnecting to the same wifi network. This process removes the network credentials such as IP addresses and passwords. In many instances, the routers and Wifi networks also stimulate various networking errors, so follow the below steps to forget and reconnect your device. 

  • Go to Wi-Fi Settings on your device
  • Click on the Wi-Fi Network that has an error
  • Tap the Forget This Network option
  • Next, press Confirm on the confirmation popup alert
  • Wait for a few minutes and then tap on the Wi-Fi Name again
  • Enter the Password in the text box
  • Click Join to access the network

Finally, ensure that your device’s network setting works appropriately.

Update Your Mobile And Router

The firmware updates solve patchy bugs and form a stable network connection. So, update your router and mobile to the latest version; this might resolve this network is blocking encrypted DNS traffic. Here are the steps to update your mobile. 

  • Go to the Device Settings app
  • Tap the General option
  • Select the Software Update bar and check if any update is available
  • Click Install to update
  • After restarting, check if the Wifi connections restore properly

Besides updating your mobile to get high performance, execute the below instructions to update the router. 

  • Use an ethernet wire to connect the router to the PC
  • Open the device manufacturer’s website to check any updates available 
  • Enter your login credentials 
  • Install the new update 
  • Restart your router and examine if the issue is solved

Change The Routers Admin Password

Generally, many users state that changing the router’s password might resolve any warning alters. Complete the steps below to fix this network is blocking encrypted DNS traffic. 

  • Open the Admin page in the router’s IP address
  • Click on the Setting option
  • Select Change password and type your new password
  • Tap the Save button

Modify The Router Security Settings

The Wifi alliance developed a third iteration of a security-certified program called Wifi protocol access 3(WAP3). It provides the best data encryption and high-security connection. The WAP3 protocol works with all devices which support Wifi 6. For older devices, use a wap2/wap3 hybrid connection. This resolves the “this network is blocking encrypted DNS trafficerror on your device. Complete the following steps to enable WAP3. 

  • Enter the router Settings
  • Choose the Wi-Fi option
  • Tap the Access point
  • Select Security in the advanced section
  • Turn on the WAP3 or WAP2/WAP3 security protocol

Enabling all the bands that support your routers gives high network potential and performance. 

Deactivate The Router Traffic Analyzer

A traffic management program helps to examine the traffic of your network device. It also provokes the iOS to pop up with the error this network is blocking encrypted DNS traffic. Do the below steps to turn off the network analyzer.

  • Navigate to the Router’s Admin Page
  • Click on the Settings option
  • Choose the Traffic and Device Identification
  • Disable the Deep Packet Inspection

For getting high security, performance, and authenticity for wifi routers, access points, & base stations, use Apple’s recommended settings. To access these settings, you need to have administrative rights in your network and Apple devices. Execute the below instructions in the Apple device settings 

  • Select WAP3 in your WifiWifi to attain a high security
  • Choose WAP3/WAP2 for older gadgets
  • Enter an unusual and separate Service Set Identifier (SSID)
  • Turn off the Hidden Address
  • Stop the Authentication, Mac Address Filtering, and Access Control
  • Turn on the Automatic Updates
  • Allow NKT, DHCP, and WMM 

Disable Private Address In Wifi

The private address limits the tracking function to make your device more secure while connecting to various Wifi networks. Hence the websites and services track your devices less than usual through the network. iOS 14 contains security features as the default feature on the device. It is also one of the reasons for this network is blocking encrypted DNS traffic errors, so turn it off by completing the steps below

  • Go to Settings
  • Click on the Network Name in a Wifi section
  • Go through the Private Wi-Fi Address
  • Enable Private Address
  • Restart the mobile and check the settings function normally

Turn Off iCloud Private Transfer

The internet service provider and the websites you visit track your IP address and DNS records. And, few Internet service providers do not allow users to block the DNS data. Therefore, IOS 15 has a private relay feature that encrypts the DNS address you visit. So, the relevant parties can only see your data. Follow these steps to turn off the iCloud private relay

  • Tap the Settings on your iOS device
  • Click on your name
  • Choose the iCloud option
  • Scroll down to the Private Relay option and disable it
  • Select Continue in the confirmation alert

Finally, restart the mobile and ensure whether this network is blocking encrypted DNS traffic alert is solved. 

Change VPN And DNS Setting

If none of the above-given steps resolves this network is blocking the encrypted DNS traffic error, you have to re-prioritize your DNS settings. Execute the steps below to change the DNS settings.

  • Click on the Wi-Fi in your device setting
  • Tap on your Network Name 
  • Select the Configure DNS option
  • Choose a Manual option on configure DNS section
  • Enter the IP Address in your DNS server
  • Finally, tap the Save button

VPN provides a highly secure connection by rerouting the network traffic multiple times. It induces that this network is blocking encrypted DNS traffic alerts on your mobile. Use the following steps to turn off the VPN. 

  • Navigate to Device Settings
  • Click on the VPN option
  • Turn it off by toggling the button

Delete the VPN app after saving your profile and settings if the error still shows on your device. 

Reset Your Mobile Network Setting

When you reset the network settings, it might solve several network issues like this network is blocking encrypted DNS traffic. The resetting process changes the cellular settings, bluetooth paired devices, password, and Wifi SSD settings to the in-built settings on your mobile. Perform the following steps to reset the network settings. 

  • Open the Device Setting app
  • Click on the General
  • Select the Transfer or Reset iPhone option
  • Tap the Reset Network Setting in the reset section 
  • Again, select the Reset Network Setting on the confirmation alert


Everyone wants to safeguard their browsing activities and unique IP addresses from hackers. Hence, Apple provides high-security features for their users, particularly on iPhones. Whenever you face DNS encryption errors like this network is blocking encrypted DNS traffic, use the above easy yet effective methods to get back the security protocol. 

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