Airpods Not Connecting to My Mac

10 Easy Tips For Airpods Not Connecting to My Mac

MacOS is a Unix operating system developed by Apple Inc. in 2001. Apple released their statistics about Mac users which have nearly 100 million active users now. A lot of people prefer Mac for its stability, fast performance and incredible security features to Airpods Not Connecting to My Mac. Retina display is an inbuilt feature in Mac that helps you to draw like graphic designers. When compared with Windows, Mac’s design is considered to be more attractive and stylish. 

Apple designed wireless Bluetooth earbuds mainly used for Mac users. It was first announced on Sep 7, 2016, along with iPhone 7. Within a short period, AirPods became one of the most popular accessories among Apple products. People also love AirPods because they are lightweight, portable, user-friendly, and reliable. You can pair Apple’s AirPods with all kinds of Bluetooth devices from smart TVs to smartphones.

Linking your Airpods should be helpful until you have an issue with connectivity problems. Here is an article about the reason and solution for “Why won’t my AirPods connect to my Mac?”

Why Airpods Not Connecting to My Mac?

Why Airpods Not Connecting to My Mac

There are numerous reasons for Airpods not connecting to Macbooks. Here are the few possible reasons for the connectivity issues:

  • Bluetooth is not allowed on Mac
  • Problem with Mac Bluetooth
  • Out of charge on Airpods
  • Airpods are not within the range of your Mac
  • Problem with AirPods

Solutions For : Airpods Not Connecting to My Mac

There are several methods to fix the “Why my airpods won’t connect to my AirPods.” Now let’s have a brief discussion about whether Airpods won’t connect with Mac. 

1. Check Right Version of iOS:

 Airpods Not Connecting to My Mac:Check Right Version of iOS

Make sure your Mac meets the minimum system requirements if you haven’t connected your AirPods. You will require iOS 10 or later on your iOS device to use first-generation Airpods Not Connecting to My Mac . Then, iOS 12.2 or later to use second-generation AirPods. 

  • Go to the “Settings” app on your Macbook
  • Select “General” and then choose “Software update”
  • Now,try to check which version of iOS you are running
  • If you haven’t updated it, install and update it to solve your Airpods connectivity issues 

2. Troubleshooting Your Airpods Connection:

You can try a few simple steps to connect your Airpods with Mac.

Ensure your Airpods Not Connecting to My Mac are charged by placing them in their case and connecting to the USB cable for about 1-2 hours. Now, you can turn on the Bluetooth by using the below steps. 

  • Open “Apple menu”
  • Choose “System preferences”
  • Select “Bluetooth option”
  • Choose your device from the Airpods list
  • Tap “Show Bluetooth” in the menu bar so it will be comfortable for you to turn on the Bluetooth

3. Rebooting Mac:

Airpods Not Connecting to My Mac:Rebooting Mac

You can reboot your Mac in the following ways:

  • Bring down the Apple menu by tapping the Apple icon on your screen
  • From the menu, click the “restart” option
  • Choose the same in the prompt windows that follow

4. Connecting the Airpods charging case to the charger:

Airpods along with a storage charging case, which will be useful for you to keep your Airpods safely. The charging point for the case is found under the case.

For charging the case, use an authentic cable with a lightning pin. If your case charges wirelessly, you merely need to carefully place it on the charging surface.

Having low charge in the Airpods is the one more problem for the miscommunication when you speak with someone. So, try to keep your Airpods charged by using the Bluetooth connection on Mac.

5.Reset Airpods:

Reset Airpods: Airpods Not Connecting to My Mac

You can reset the AirPods and check them with your MacBook by the following steps. 

  • First, disconnect the AirPods from your Mac
  • Open the settings app on your Mac and select “Bluetooth.” Tap the “i” and then “Forget this Device” next to the item for the AirPods
  • Place the AirPods in the case, close it and wait for about 30 seconds.
  • Now open the case
  • Press and hold on to the setup button on the back of the case until the status light flashes a few times, followed by a steady white flash.

6. Clean AirPods and Cases:

Clean AirPods and Cases: Airpods Not Connecting to My Mac

Airpods case or Airpods might stop charging if there are dust particles in the charging port or inside the charger case. You can use a cotton bud to wipe the Airpods case gently. 

If you suspect any water molecules are entering the AirPods, you should immediately reach out to the Apple store and contact service providers. They will easily help you to sort out the issue or they let you know what to do. 

7. Enable The Bluetooth Service On Mac:

Enable The Bluetooth Service On Mac: Airpods Not Connecting to My Mac

One of the frequent mistakes is that you will forget to turn on the Bluetooth feature on Mac. When you switch on the AirPods, try to check the Bluetooth if it’s enabled or not. If it is not enabled, then follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Open “Apple menu”
  • Choose “System preferences”
  • Click “Bluetooth”
  • Select “Show Bluetooth” in the menu bar and then turn on this feature

8. Connect Airpods Manually:

 Connect Airpods Manually:Airpods Not Connecting to My Mac

If the automatic connection doesn’t work, you can manually connect your AirPods to the Mac. This helps you to resolve the “Why aren’t my AirPods connecting to my Mac” 

Here are the procedure to connect the Airpods manually:

  • Switch on the “Bluetooth” and open the lid of the AirPods charging case
  • Go to the “System preferences” on your Mac device
  • Now, select “Bluetooth” settings
  • Select your AirPods from the list of devices by clicking twice

9. Make Your Airpods As The Default Audio Device:

You can make your AirPods as the default audio output device on your Mac by using the simple steps below. 

  • Enable Bluetooth on your Mac
  • Bring the AirPods close to your Macbook and keep the lid open
  • Move to “System preferences”
  • Select “Sound”
  • Then, choose “Output”
  • Choose your AirPods from the list of devices and make the default outlet for sound on your system

10. Forget Your Airpods Device on Mac:

Forgetting the Bluetooth connection between your AirPods and Mac by using the following steps:

  • Open “Apple menu”
  • Select “System Preferences”
  • Click “Bluetooth”
  • Select your AirPods from the list of devices and hold the cross (X) by the AirPods
  • With the case open, put the AirPods inside and bring it close to the Mac
  • Click on the AirPods and choose the Connect option to reconnect.


If you have tried all the above-mentioned ways and still can’t get your Airpods Not Connecting to My Mac to the pairing mode, it is better to get help from the Apple store. You can contact your Apple support online, or directly reach the nearest Apple store and contact the service persons. They will check your Airpods Not Connecting to Mac and help you to overcome the issue.