Cut and Merge Videos

7 Simplest Ways to Cut and Merge Videos Without Software

You no longer need to download and install software to trim the videos or movies directly. Smart browsers have made this possible now. In this post, you can see how to Cut and Merge Videos  favorite videos without software in 7 ways. 

Let’s see. 

Software 1: RecordCast – Cut & Merge Videos Online 

RecordCast is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a video cutter with a wide range of options. It may be used to cut, merge, and add effects to a previously recorded clip, or it can be used to produce a new clip from scratch.

After processing the video, you need to share or store the finished construct online. RecordCast is an excellent choice in terms of performance and ease of use. 

RecordCast is available in two methods: A free trial and a premium subscription. You will have to shell out roughly $3.99 a month for the premium version. The premium edition will come with more features than the free one.

Software 2: Movie Maker Online – Cut and Merge Videos Online

Movie Maker Online is the professional video editing, cutting, merging software that you never ignore. 

It enables you to download videos, photographs as well as background music. Then add together to create a finished product. Depending on your preferences, you may export your video in a variety of formats when you’ve finished editing.

Software 3: WeVideo – Cut and Merge videos Online 

Using the WeVideo video editor, you may upload and save your videos in the cloud (supports data storage up to 1 GB). With the help of software, you can make recordings through the computer webcam or other input devices. 

This software has a simple, powerful & user interface. Each account may export five-minute videos at 480p quality in the free edition of this software which has a few other restrictions. WeVideo’s logo will display at the end of your video when it is exported.

Software 4: Video Cutter – Cut and Merge videos Online

One of the most popular video-cutting software on the market is Video Cutter which is made by 123apps. Using Online Video Cutter you may upload huge files (up to 500 MB) from Google Drive or other online storage providers. In this video editor, the most valuable feature is the ability to delete unnecessary footage and zoom in if the shot is too large.

So, you don’t have to worry too much about vertical photographs. The output formats and resolution may be altered to meet your needs when editing is complete as can the video file size.

Software 5: FlexClip – Cut & Merge Videos Online 

FlexClip is one of the video collaboration tools which is used to create fun & unique slideshows, and it can be shared with social networking sites like Facebook, YouTube & Snapchat. In particular, you may use the keywords. Once you have completed recording your video, you may save it to your computer and send the link to your friends via email or social media.

Cutting, rotating, and combining one clips into a single video are some fundamental editing functions that can be performed with Flex Clips online video editing software. A unique feature of this video editor is its capacity to blend static images into new and more fascinating scenes.

Using the free edition of FlexClip, you can be able to edit movies fast and store videos in up to 12 projects. However, the video exports will be locked with the FlexClip logo. 

Software 6: PowToon 

It’s difficult to find a similar animation style in other online video editors like PowToon. Many built-in video editing options are available, as well as the ability to use that footage to create stunning animations and effects.

Apps and sections on business and education are available for all users at PowToon’s application store. The free edition of PowToon, it has several functions like video length are also restricted.

Software 7: Magisto 

Magisto is also one of the most widely used online video editing software with a devoted following among its users. Using this software, you may make stunning videos that aren’t even matched by professional video editing tools.

It is necessary to prepare photographs, music, and built-in effects in advance before using Magisto to produce a film. You must create an account before you can use Magisto (can be logged in with Facebook or Google). You don’t have to worry about paying for it because it offers a free version as well.


You may use these methods to trim and merge videos without the need for any software. Thank you for reading, and good luck with your first attempts at basic video editing. I wish you well in your endeavors and look forward to seeing the many interesting films you produce!