Discord Mic Not Working

Why Discord Mic Not Working on Windows 10 – 8 Ways To Fix?

Have you worried about Discord Mic not Working in Windows 10? There are a lot of ways to recover the Discord mic, which help you to get quality audio. 

Have you ever heard about the Discord app? You didn’t know what Discord is, and its purposes. Here I will let you know about the app, how to use it and ways to fix the issues. 

What is Discord?

Discord Mic Not Working

Discord is a communication app that is used for texting and making calls while playing games. This app is designed for gamers who are playing on PC and want to talk to their friends. It also helps to generate places where people can collect info, find other players, and socialize.

Discord is most similar to skype and slack applications since it has numerous features like voice calls, video calls, text, voice chat, and much more. According to the company report, Discord has 14 million active users and 250 million accounts. It has both free & paid versions available, you can choose what you need. 

Why is the Discord Mic Not Working on Windows 10?

Nowadays, Discord is a more familiar app among the social audience, especially gamers. However, there are a lot of people worrying about one thing: “Discord mic is not working in Windows 10.” 

The main cause for this problem is the regular updates on Discord. Also, frequently this app upgrades with new features along with few bugs. Hence, most users felt like Discord was not working properly on windows and was stuck on full screen. 

If you’re struggling with the same issues, no worries related to that. There are numerous ways to fix the Discord issues and work properly. 

Let us check it out!

Discord Mic Not Working Problem 1: Update Audio Driver

This issue was probably old, but it’s a significant windows problem. You have the problem with Discord, but you should also check your system’s audio drivers. If you didn’t miss upgrading the audio driver, you would handle many issues like unclear voice when speaking, frequently blue & black screen errors, low-quality audio, and more. 

Every electronic device has specific drivers for input and output audio devices that help to get the clear voice. In contrast, you may not be able to discover the main driver that has to be updated based on the types of sound drivers it has. In this case, you have to update all the audio drivers you’re using. 

Find the process below to update your audio driver on Windows 10:

  • Go to the search icon and click “Device Manager.” 
  • Navigate to the sound, video & game controllers settings
  • Tap Inter(R) audio display -> go to the “driver details”
  • Hit the update button on “update driver.” 
  • Wait for the process to complete, and now it’s upgraded. 

Note: The device name and drivers will differ based on your system. 

Discord Mic Not Working Problem 2: Modify The Input Mode

Discord Mic Not Working  :Modify The Input Mode

If your Discord microphone doesn’t work properly, you might change the input mode of the voice settings to Push to Talk on your windows 10. 

These settings need to press a specific key to allow your Discord microphone to transmit the audio. In this way, you used to fix most microphone issues, including mic input damages and cracked voice recording.

Here is the method for changing the Input Mode in the Discord App:

  • Go to the settings on the Discord App -> look at your left corner in Discord
  • Choose voice & video under the app settings
  • Modify your input mode from voice activity to push to talk 
  • Once it has activated, it comes out from the app

When you feel the discord voice is not working, you will apply the methods mentioned above to help rectify the problem.

3: Restart The Device

Discord Mic Not Working : Restart The Device

When you are facing more technical glitches frequently, restart the device before starting the work. Most of the time, these issues will be cleared out soon. 

What happened when I restarted the device? 

All files, apps, and drivers will be refreshed at the time when you’re restoring the device. It also removes unwanted caches and temporary files. 

There are more chances to resolve the discord voice of not working issues. 

4: Discord Microphone Access

Discord Microphone Access :Discord Mic Not Working

It will deny the Discord mic permissions in rare cases if you’re connecting the apps. Discord may be unable to use your microphone if you have disabled automatic permission.

How to allow the Discord Mic on Windows 10? 

  • Go to the search box & type “Settings.”
  • Navigate to the settings icon, then click “privacy.”
  • Change “Microphone in App permissions” under settings
  • Activate -> Allow apps to access your microphone

Whether the microphone access was already on, check to see what the problem is. 

5: Discord Mic Not Working – Disable Exclusive Mode in Windows

A mode called “Exclusive” lets one device use the entire sound driver on windows 10. 

The exclusive mode will help prevent other apps from being used if the apps have been controlled. If you want to rule out the issues, follow the steps below to disable the mode. 

  • Go to the search box and type “settings” in your windows 10
  • Then, click the input device and tap the Device properties 
  • In the Settings, hit “Additional device properties.”
  • Route to Microphone Properties and choose the “Advanced tab.”
  • Untick the checkbox “Allow applications to take exclusive control of this device” in the mode settings
  • Click “OK”

Discord Mic Not Working Problem 6: Uninstall the Discord App

Discord Mic Not Working  :Uninstall the Discord App

If you have continuous problems with the Discord mic, you should uninstall the app from your windows 10. After that, you have to refresh or reboot your device. The device looks like a fresh view and removes corrupted files. Now, you can install the latest version of the Discord app. 

Check your Discord mic to see whether it’s working or if you still have an issue with your mic. 

Here is the procedure for uninstalling the Discord app from Windows 10:

  • Go to Control Panel -> Click programs & features
  • Find the Discord app from your app list
  • Then, uninstall the app by the left click on it

7. Change Discord Voice Settings To Get the Clear Audio

There’s a useful feature in the Discord app that lets you reset the voice settings. It usually fixes the most problems with a voice-in Discord mic. So, try resetting the settings for the voice to see if that solves the problem.

How can you reset voice settings in Discord?

  • Tap on “Settings” in Discord.
  • Go to the app settings -> click voice & video settings
  • Hit “Reset the voice settings” at the page end

How to Fix Discord Mic – Final Thoughts

If you want to overcome the Discord mic not working on Windows 10, you can try all the above-mentioned ways. It’s helpful to get a clear audio quality while speaking with someone. None of the ways are not helping you, and then you have to contact the support team. Or else, you may try the app on other devices like windows 7 or your smartphones.