Randomly Restarts on Windows 10

Why Does My Computer Randomly Restarts on Windows 10?

Are you struggling with your “PC Randomly Restarts on Windows 10?” Not only you, but many Windows users have also been working with this issue for a while.

Windows 10 pc randomly restarts are inconvenient for the users and negatively impact the people & Windows interface. When your windows 10 is randomly restarting without any warning, there is a high chance of missing data, and most people feel like they can’t be able to work properly. This guide will help you find the major issues like “windows 10 random restart” and how to fix them quickly. 

Let’s start the article by solving the case “why does my computer randomly restarts on Windows 10?”

Why Does Randomly Restarts on Windows 10? 

There are multiple reasons for the Windows 10 randomly restarts. The most common problems are corrupted drivers, defective hardware, or malware functions. Without checking the issue, we can’t be able to point out the reason” why does windows 10 randomly restart.” 

Here are the steps you can follow to fix your randomly restarts on Windows 10 error. 

1: Hardware Error

If your computer starts rebooting without warning, you should check the failures in the hardware component. If you have added any additional hardware to your device, remove and recheck that reboot issue appears. 

Go to the device manager and encounter hardware conflict issues. 

NOTE: You have installed new drivers or removed any hardware components, it occurs randomly reboots error & the computer memory is going to be “bad”

2: Virus Affects

One of the main reasons for randomly restarts on windows 10 is a “virus” that affects your entire system performance without warning. These kinds of viruses affect your computer every 5 to 10 mins after the PC has booted.

If you have any doubt about your computer being affected by the virus, install the “antivirus” and virus scanner to make your system fresh. 

3: Over Heat Issues

Recently, most computers are designed to restart when the computer gets overheated automatically. If the fan becomes a failing condition, you could hear any unwanted noises which cause the issue of overheating. 

4: Problem with OS

Whether your PC or desktop continuously restarts, you should check your Windows operating system. To figure out the issue, try the below steps. 

When the computer starts to boot up, reboot the PC and enter BIOS setup. After loading the BIOS setup, let the computer idle for a few minutes. 

According to the above-mentioned issues, you should know that windows 10 restarts randomly. Now, We are going to see “fix to randomly restarts on windows 10 quickly.”

Fix 1: Disable Automatic Restart Feature

You can disable the automatic restart feature whether it is automatically enabled. Follow the steps to turn off the Automatic Restart Feature on your device. 

  • Enter “This PC / My computer/computer in the search box from the start menu (according to your OS)
  • From the list, select “Properties.”
  • Choose “Advanced system settings.” 
  • Then move on to click “Settings.”
  • Now uncheck the box “Automatically restart under system failure,” and then select “OK” to finalize your changes
  • Reboot your computer 

Spend some time on your PC to check if the issue remains. If it does, move on to the next step to solve your issue.

Fix 2: Change Power Settings

 Randomly Restarts on Windows 10 :Change Power Settings

Sometimes power changes are one of the main problems for pc restarting randomly windows 10. Therefore, try the below-mentioned ways to avoid the randomly restarts on Windows 10. 

  • Right-click the “Power icon” located on the left side of your taskbar and select “Power options”
  • Below the “Activate power plan” section, choose the “Change plan settings” options on your screen
  • Now, select “Change advanced power settings”
  • Move down and choose “Processor power management” 
  • Now, select “Minimum processor state” and change it to a low state of 5%
  • Click the “apply” button and then select “OK”

Changing the power settings if you’re having trouble with windows 10 keeps restarting randomly. 

Fix 3: BIOS Update

Sometimes changing the BIOS will be resolved the windows 10 random restarts automatically. Of course, you can try it now! To update the BIOS, go to the motherboard manufacturer’s website and update the most recent version.

Before upgrading the BIOS, get the manual of the motherboard handbook to know whether you’re doing it right. You should be careful when you update the BIOS or else it will permanently destroy your computer. If you feel like how to do it properly, get advice from professional persons. 

Here are the steps you should follow for randomly restarts on Windows 10:

  • First, identify the BIOS version
  • Open the “Run window,” enter msinfo32
  • Now, Press enter
  • On the “System Information” window, you will be able to view the manufacturer of BIOS Version / Date section
  • Now see the manufacturer’s website and enter your computer’s serial number
  • A list of drivers for your computer will be shown on your screen 
  • From the list, choose BIOS and download the recommended update

Note: When you update, the computer restarts automatically, and your screen will go black. Don’t turn off your PC when you see the black screen.

 Fix 4: Update Graphic Card Drivers

 Update Graphic Card Drivers to Randomly Restarts on Windows 10

When your PC is suddenly connected to the internet, it automatically updates. If the automatic update hasn’t taken place, you can do a manual update by the steps mentioned below:

  • Open “Run” window and type “devmgmt.msc” 
  • Upon “enter” to open the device manager
  • Click on “Display adapters” to expand
  • Right-click on the graphic card and select “enable”
  • Again right-click on your “graphic card,” but now choose “update driver software”
  • It will display two options. Form that select “Search automatically for updated driver software.” Now allow the process to complete

If the above-mentioned methods don’t help for you, select “Update Driver Software.” 

  • Now click the second option, “Browse for driver software.”
  • Go to the next screen, click “list of device drivers” on your computer.
  • Now, your system will display a list of compatible drivers for your graphic card. Choose one from the list and click “Next.”

Fix 5: Run Memtest86+

 Run Memtest86+ TO :Randomly Restarts on Windows 10

To execute the run memtest86+, you have to access another computer than the one you are using. So, you have to download and burn memtest86+ either to the disc or to the USB flash drive.

  • First, you have to connect the USB flash drive to the PC
  • Next, download “Windows memtest86+ auto-installer” for the USB key application
  • After that, right-click on the image file and select the “Extract here” option
  • Open the folder. Now you can run the installer
  • Next, burn the memtest86+ by choosing “Plugged in USB Drive.”
  • Now reboot your computer and choose boot from the USB flash drive

This software will test for memory corruption in your computer. If it doesn’t detect any corruption in your system, it is working correctly. But if any crimes are detected, the issue is with your RAM. In that case, you have to replace RAM to prevent from randomly restarts on Windows 10

Fix 6: Run CCleaner and Malwarebytes

The other cause of your Windows 10 random restart might be malware functions. Use malware software programs to prevent and remove malware on your computer.

You may install anti-malware softwares like Malwarebytes or CCleaner. 

  1. Malwarebytes will help for detecting harmful files and it’s automatically remove them. 

You can do the Malwarebytes examination by following the steps:

  • Install the “Malwarebytes free scanner software.” 
  • Select the “Scan button” and the virus detector icon.  
  • Allow the Malwarebytes to run for a few seconds. After that, it shows the report on any threats that must be removed from the computer.
  • Click “OK” to remove the threats. 

  1. Checking CCleaner under the Windows tab to clean. Then click on the “Run cleaner” option. Now CCleaner will scan and delete the infected files.

Additionally, if you want to clean your PC, check everything under the “Registry tab.”

  • To scan your system, select “Scan for the issue” 
  • After the scan is completed, choose “Fix the selected issue.”
  • You will receive a prompt asking “if you want to backup changes to the registry.” Click “Yes”
  • Once the backup has been complete, select “Fix all selected issues.”

Fix 7: Check RAM

 Check RAM :Randomly Restarts on Windows 10

If your computer restarts windows 10 randomly, the error may occur on RAM. Here is the guide to checking your RAM:

  • Type “mdsched.exe” in the search box of your computer and press “Enter”
  • A small window will appear that asks you to choose one option for checking your computer’s memory. Usually, the first option is recommended
  • Now “Windows memory diagnostics tool screen appears, which shows you the progress check and the status.

After this test, Windows will restart automatically. Now the results will be visible to you.

Note: If the results didn’t appear, try going to “Enter view →Windows logo → Systems →Find. Enter “Memorydiagnostic” in the search bar and select “Find next” to show the result.

If the errors appear, you have to change your RAM, or else the issue might occur due to hardware and software.

Final Words for Randomly Restarts on Windows 10

If you can able to find out the exact reason why your computer is randomly restarting, use the appropriate method from the above listed. If you can’t determine the problem easily, you have to try out each method until the error is fixed.

However, if you can’t resolve the issue after performing the methods, you must take your computer/PC to the nearest service center. You get delayed in taking the PC to the service, and the entire system gets affected and starts hanging. Without delay, check your system performance and find ways to fix your computer by using above mentioned methods.