Youtube Not Working On Android

9 Spectacular Ways Of Rectifying Youtube Not Working On Android

Youtube is one of the most common and popularly used social media worldwide. It has become a significant part of everyone’s life because of its variety of entertainment & educational content for kids and adults. Anyhow, it’s troublesome when you encounter the Youtube Not Working On Android issue. Here are some fundamental approaches to figure the reasons why Youtube is not working on the Android phones, and also, you can have the most effective ideas for solving the messes on Youtube.

Causes For Youtube Not Working 

The process of finding the struggles in video buffering and freezing is the initial issue. The causes may be due to lack of internet connections, not updating the youtube app and system, detecting cache files, etc. There are some solutions to overcome these significant troubles. A clear explanation to solve the problems is given below

Poor Internet Connection

Poor Internet Connection

Issues in YouTube videos might be because of poor internet connectivity. The main noticeable problem is the inadequate network plans or the poor WiFi connections in your Android phones. A connection between your device and the website server might lead to the freezing of videos. The high usage of bandwidth caps results in the slowdown of the network speed. 

Outdated Android Version & Youtube App 

Youtube not working on Android - Check for Outdated Android Version & Youtube App

The Youtube application will only support your smartphones after updating the app’s latest version. The updated version should be 4.2 or above for Youtube to run on Android mobiles. The buffering of the videos is reduced greatly after upgrading to the latest versions.

The Bulk Amount Of Cache And Data

The Bulk Amount Of Cache And Data

Cache data holds some notable space in your Android mobile, which results in difficulties like slowing down the network. Clearing the space can come up with solving the above situation. This affects the security level of your Android and slows down the tempo of your phone’s performance. 

Better Ways Of Solving The Youtube Not Working On Android 

1. Restart The Device

Restart The Device

Most of the problems on smartphones are easily fixable by restarting or rebooting your device. Restarting helps in closing all the applications & functions running in the background. Additionally, it solves similar issues which you face on Youtube. Rebooting the device takes less than a minute. You can use the below steps to restart your device.

  • Press & hold the main button. You can notice three options: Switch off, Emergency mode and Reboot.
  • Select the Reboot or Restart option
  • Restarting is done, and your phone screen is back again
  • Open the Youtube app after restarting your smartphone
  • By trying to play the videos, you can check YouTube’s functionality

2. Check Your Internet Connection 

Check Your Internet Connection

There are chances for internet connectivity issues when you have trouble playing videos on YouTube. You can test the network connection by operating applications like Google or any other Internet browser. When the applications consuming the internet do not work, you might find troubles in network connections, or you may find the warning message “You’re Offline”.

When you are using the cellular connection, you can check whether the data is on by using the following steps

  • Open the “Settings” app on your device
  • Go to Networks and Internet option
  • Select SIMs from the option
  • Switch the Mobile Data On
  • Click on Roaming if you are out of the country or don’t have internet connectivity

3. Free Cache Files On Your Smartphone

Free Cache Files On Your Smartphone

When restarting your smartphone does not help fix the Youtube Not Working On Android, the next step is to clear Youtube cache and data. You need not worry because clearing cache files does not delete any data from Youtube apps or other apps. Deleting these files erases only the temporary information in your smartphone. Execute the following steps, and this solves the Youtube mess.

  • Directly open “Settings” app 
  • Select Apps and Notifications or Apps Settings
  • Tap on Youtube and click on Storage cache
  • Then tap clear the data/storage to erase the cache

4. Enable Airplane Mode 

Enable Airplane Mode To Fix Youtube Not Working On Android

The Airplane mode on your smart phones disables all network-related connections. Enable the mode and then disable it after a minute. This method will fix the network-related concerns in your android mobile along with the Youtube issues.

  • Open Notification panel
  • Find the Quick settings at the top
  • Tap on Airplane mode to enable
  • Wait for a minute and disable it

5. Update Youtube App 

Update Youtube App

The malicious apps may obviously cause Youtube not working on Android. To fix it, you have to update the Youtube app. You can check the ways of updating YouTube on Android by the steps given below.

  • Open Play store of Google
  • Click on My Apps and Games
  • Tap on the Update button next to the Youtube app result and check whether you can update it. 

If you find any updates on YouTube, try to complete them as soon as possible. Generally, you can upgrade the YouTube app without many complications.

6. Update Android If Youtube Not Working On Android 

Update Android If Youtube Not Working On Android

Even though there is less correlation among Youtube not working on Android and the outdated Android, it might also be a reason for the unfavourable condition. If the issue is with your system’s older version, it can be quickly sorted out by performing a system update. This could take a long time to update, & after your smartphone completes the process, return to the Youtube application for checking its operation.

  • Open Settings app on your Android
  • Find out the System Updates under the About Phone option
  • Download and install, if any updates are available

7. Check Your Phone Time & Date  

Check Your Phone Time & Date

It may seem odd, but your mobile date & time may cause several impacts on apps, including Youtube and Whatsapp. Google servers may find it challenging to sync your phone with Youtube if you do not set the date & time correctly.

  • Open Settings app
  • Tap on System
  • Go into Date and Time
  • Toggle on the Set time automatically, Set time zone automatically

& Use location to set the time zone options

If the above methods do not rectify the Youtube Not Working On Android, this write-up has other solutions to overcome the issue. You can switch over to the process of uninstalling and reinstalling the YouTube app by the following method.

8. Reinstall Youtube App  

Reinstall Youtube App

When updating the applications does not fix the trouble or if no update is available, it is better to reinstall the app. After uninstalling, reboot the device and then reinstall the app. As YouTube is a default app on your smartphone, you can only uninstall it partially. In such cases, it restores the app’s factory version. It is more than enough if you update the app again, which resolves many problems.

  • Open Play store of Google
  • Find Youtube from it
  • Tap on Uninstall

9. Reset App Preferences To Fix Youtube Not Working On Android

Reset App Preferences

You need to move on with the slightly harsher step of resetting smartphone app preferences when you have no other options to resolve it. This method will not delete any personal data and files from your device. The values get reverted with the apps like app permission and restrictions, and it is necessary to set the values again. To reset app preferences, you should follow the following steps.

  • Go to the Settings  app
  • Click on the System option
  • Tap on the Reset option
  • Strike on Reset app preferences


You can use the methods mentioned above to overcome the issue of Youtube not working on Android. Finding the situations that cause YouTube apps to break is relatively easy. Frequently, you have the only option of quitting the app & reopening it. This article gives you a clear idea of detecting and solving the problems associated with the inoperative Youtube on Android.